Steven Pinker

The Trouble With Harvard
September 04, 2014

The Ivy League is broken and only standardized tests can fix it.

Science vs. the Humanities, Round III
September 26, 2013

Steven Pinker:In his commentary on my essay “Science is Not your Enemy,” Leon Wieseltier writes, “It is not for science to say whether science belongs in morality and politics and art.”  I reply: It is not for Leon Wieseltier to say where science bel

Science Is Not Your Enemy
August 06, 2013

A plea for an intellectual truce.

Steven Pinker On How America Will Change
October 05, 2008

In an effort to start making sense of what is an indisputably confusing situation, we asked some of the most thoughtful people we know the question: How will America change as a result of the economic downturn? Here's Steven Pinker, Johnstone Professor of Psychology at Harvard and the author of The Stuff of Thought.   Many leftist commentators have gleefully interpreted the financial crisis as proof of the failure of free-market capitalism. Libertarianism and laissez-faire will be out; regulatory command-and-control will be in.

What the F***?
October 08, 2007

Why we curse.

Strangled by Roots
August 06, 2007

The genealogy craze in America.

A History of Violence
March 19, 2007

The decline of killing and cruelty.

Block That Metaphor!
October 09, 2006

Can George Lakoff's linguistic theories save the Democrats?

Groups and Genes
June 26, 2006

The lessons of the Ashkenazim.

Sex Ed
February 14, 2005

The science of gender difference.