Suzy Khimm

Does The Gop Really Have An Alternative Plan In The Works?
July 24, 2009

Having just dropped out of the bipartisan talks on health care, Orrin Hatch now says that he is working on a reform bill of his own. On his Twitter feed this afternoon, Hatch declared that he was "In Washington today working on my health care reform proposal--an alternative to the costly, government-centric plans being foisted on us." Even before officially announcing that he was dropping out of the Senate Finance Committee's talks, Hatch was making allusions to an alternative that he would propose.

Hatch Is Out
July 22, 2009

Orrin Hatch has officially dropped out of the Senate Finance Committee's bipartisan talks on health care reform.

Dodd Complex
June 03, 2009

The father, the son, and a Connecticut dynasty in peril.

Why Dodd Is Still Trailing
May 27, 2009

A new Quinnipiac poll released today shows that five-term Connecticut senator Chris Dodd still trails leading Republican challenger Ron Simmons 45-39 percent in the 2010 race. As I discussed in my recent story on Dodd, his numbers started to plummet in the wake of the furor over the AIG bonus scandal.

Pirates: Serious In The Past, Very Serious Now
May 07, 2009

The very literate and cultured foreign and military affairs commentator Max Boot--as opposed to the not so literate and cultured others--goes back into the literature on (and of) piracy. Yes, much of this history traces to the Arab sultanates who foraged the seas for boats that had actually come to the trade. So what's new? But Boot reminds that there was plenty of ocean pillage in the waters of south and east Asia. Is there much now? What to Read on PiratesMAX BOOT is the Jeane J.

Would More Pork Have Protected Us Against Swine?
April 27, 2009

Today, the liberal blogosphere slammed Republican Senator Susan Collins for leading the charge of "GOP Know-Nothings" who stripped funds for pandemic-flu preparedness from the stimulus bill. "[T]hey bet that they would be able to score their political points without any consequences," blasted The Nation's John Nichols, railing against the "supposedly moderate" Collins.

Teddy's Bear
April 01, 2009

Orrin Hatch, health care reform's stealth champion?

South Africa Is Holding A Peace Conference. Yippee!
March 24, 2009

And it won't allow that Dalai Lama to speak...or even let him into the country. So the question is: will Sudanese President al-Bashir be there? And will the police of the republic hand him over to the International Criminal Court?

Lift Your Pitchforks To The Sky
March 20, 2009

Marching in a circle outside AIG's Washington office, their pitchforks--er, protest signs--raised to the sky, a dozen left-wing activists chanted their demands. "Jail them, don't bail them!" they shouted outside the insurance giant's building on K Street. "Stop the bonuses, stop the crime, AIG crooks must do time!" Organized by the Party for Socialism and Liberation, with assistance from the anti-war ANSWER Coalition, today's midday protest was intended to send the message that slashing the bonuses wouldn't be enough to quell the popular fury against the banks.

Best Of The Blogs: Aig Bonus Edition
March 19, 2009

The Economist: The infamous bonuses were offered because "people were weighing offers from other firms, and AIG executives feared that too many departures could lead to disaster...The much-vilified Rush Limbaugh has been pointing this out for days. Panicky Republicans and Democrats have not explained that AIG was bailed out in the first place because it was collapsing, and bringing down countless investors and homeowners in the process. If the bonuses kept AIG working, then they had a purpose. But few people with political power are really saying this.