Suzy Khimm

Defending Sarah
November 05, 2008

It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon in October, and, as Republican Representative Chris Shays drives between churches in his affluent Connecticut district, he is talking about the possibility of being knifed. "Rahm Emanuel--if I got a knife, it would be in my belly," he says, referring to the combative head of the Democratic Caucus. "With Nancy," he continues, alluding to the House speaker, "it would be in my back." He then goes on to tell a story about an encounter that took place two years ago at the House gym.

Not All Bad News For Women
November 05, 2008

I appreciated Kate’s thoughtful post on how painful it’s occasionally been to be a woman during this race. Having supported Clinton early on in the race, then switched over, I was disappointed that Obama made no mention of her run in his acceptance speech last night. Still, it bears pointing out that, in fact, women did make some small steps forward yesterday.

What's Larry Sabato Doing Today?
November 04, 2008

We asked a few politicos if they have any Election Day rituals or superstitions that they adhere to. Here's Larry Sabato, political analyst and director of the UVA Center for Politics. I refuse to return any telephone calls asking me what I’ve heard about turnout. I refuse to watch any news shows because they distort what’s actually going on. I learned that there’s no such thing as light or medium turnout--turnout is always massive and heavy, it just so happens that this year it is, but every single time they always say it’s going to be.

The Second-most Expensive Battle
October 31, 2008

Outside the presidential race, where’s all the money been going in this election cycle? Well, the runner-up isn’t any of the country’s contested congressional races—not by a long shot. It’s the battle over the proposition to defeat gay marriage in California, whose supporters and opponents have raised nearly twice as much in donations as the most expensive Senate race. From U.S.

Gop Maverick Fail
October 29, 2008

The polls for the Presidential race may be tightening once again, but that hasn’t stopped vulnerable Republicans from jumping ship—if not for the Obama camp, than at least as far away from the McCain campaign as possible. In my story in the current issue of TNR, I explain how Chris Shays, the only New England Republican in the House, has imperiled his own chances for survival by openly embracing the McCain-Palin ticket. Well, it looks like Shays himself has realized the hazards of such loyalty in a district where Obama is now leading by 59 percent.

Is Bobby Jindal Really "the Republican Obama"? (cont'd)
October 29, 2008

My colleague Chris remains skeptical that Jindal—as yet another “dark-skinned man with [a] foreign-sounding name”—would be able to overcome the backlash from the GOP’s white working-class base, at least in time for the 2012 presidential election. Chris asks some good questions—prompting responses from Ross Douthat, Daniel Larison, and others—but I’d also point out that Bobby has already proven his ability to overcome some of these exact suspicions. I’ll admit that Louisiana, as an oddball Southern state, is hardly indicative of how the Republican base would react to a Jindal candidacy.

Is Bobby Jindal Really "the Republican Obama"?
October 28, 2008

With the Republicans’ presidential hopes for 2008 now all but dashed, a few upstarts in the party are—surprise—positioning themselves for future runs. Last week, Chris Cillizza flagged the appearance of Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in a television spot for John Kennedy, the Republican challenger to Senator Mary Landrieu. Amid a backdrop of stately white columns, the young Indian-American governor projects a cool image of steadiness and calm. Sound like anyone you know?

A Pockmark Upon Both Houses
October 22, 2008

As Dahlia Lithwick has shrewdly pointed out, vote fraud—that is, an illegitimate voter actually going to polls and pulling the lever—is purely a canard. The allegations being leveled against ACORN aren’t about vote fraud; they’re about voter registration fraud, and the two are hardly synonymous.

Is It Worth Betting On Carbon Sequestration?
September 24, 2008

With the recent financial upheaval and gloomy prognosis for the global economy, the price tag for alternative energy will surely get a harder look. Europe, for one, has just priced out the cost of investing in carbon capture and storage, estimating that it will take about $15 billion in public funds and subsidies to jumpstart the yet-to-be-proven technology.

Sex, Lies, And Mcabstinence-only
September 11, 2008

The scurrilous sex-education ad released earlier this week by the McCain campaign wasn't just about dirty politics. It was also a rejection of comprehensive sex education programs that haveproven to help protect young people's health and safety. What does McCain favor instead? Abstinence-only programs that have been thoroughly discredited--not only by the left, but also by half of America's state governments.