Tod Lindberg

Obama's Health-Care Legacy Will Survive Even If The Supreme Court Guts Obamacare
November 13, 2014

And the laws defenders should stop insisting that it is.

The 2014 Midterms Don't Mean Anything
July 15, 2014

Pundits and pols say the stakes couldn't be higher. Quite the opposite.

For Republicans, the Decline of Social Mobility is a Crisis
January 14, 2014

The GOP is finally facing the issue of inequality in America. But why?

While No One Was Watching, Social Conservatives Just Lost Their Stranglehold on the GOP
November 18, 2013

A recent Senate vote is good news for those who care about tolerance

There's a New Political Story Line—and it's Good for Republicans
October 20, 2013

The GOP used to be viewed as a right-wing monolith. Now it's thought of as a party split between radicals and non-radicals. This is actually good news for Republicans.

Do Republicans Oppose Everything Obama Does? Here's a Test.
August 08, 2013

The GOP has obstructed Obama's ideas, but the reasons have been philosophical, not partisan. Or have they? A corporate-tax proposal is the tell.

The NSA Scandal Was Good for Obama
June 24, 2013

The story about extensive National Security Agency monitoring of electronic communications blew through Washington with hurricane force. And, like a hurricane, it fully consumed the attention of just about everybody who fell within its path.

The Second-Term Interventionists
June 11, 2013

How Susan Rice and Samantha Power will impact Obama's foreign policy.

Appointing an IRS Independent Counsel Is a Terrible, Terrible Idea
May 28, 2013

It's probably bad for Obama, probably bad for his enemies, and certainly bad for America

Carney Barker
May 20, 2013

Jay Carney's rough week was a blessing to one man: his boss.