William Carlos Williams

On Wallace Stevens
September 17, 2013

The story is that Stevens has turned of late definitely to the left. I should say not, from anything in this book. He's merely older and as an artist infinitely more accomplished. 

A Poet Who Cannot Pause
September 17, 1956

The impression I get from the poems and fragments of poems of René Char is that they are parts of something larger, from the same block. There is alwa

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish
June 28, 1939

A man does not have to agree with Pound to acknowledge the excellence of what he has written. For myself I disagree with him fundamentally and finally

Sermon with a Camera
October 11, 1938

This is an eight-by-nine book of eighty-seven photographs on glazed paper. The pictures were taken in the Eastern part of the United States during the

Harriet Monroe
April 27, 1938

This is an enjoyable and illuminating book—if the luck of poetry in a dull world and a devoted woman’s battle to establish it here are of any concern