Woody Allen

The Scrolls
July 25, 2013

 "And soon Job's pastures dried up and his tongue cleaved to the roof of his mouth so he could not pronounce the word "frankincense" without getting big laughs."

Fabulous Tales and Mythical Beasts
July 24, 2013

(The following is a sample of some of world literature's more imaginative creations that I am anthologizing in a four-volume set that Remainder and Sons plans to publish pending the outcome of the Norwegian shepherds' strike.)1

Everything Woody Allen Wrote for 'The New Republic'
July 24, 2013

A selection of the writer-director's satirical writings. 

The Lunatic's Tale
April 23, 1977

Madness is a relative state. Who can say which of us is truly insane?

Remembering Needleman
July 24, 1976

It has been four weeks and it is still hard for me to believe Sandor Needleman is dead.