Yannis Palaiologos

Greece's Neo-Nazi Politicians Are Awaiting Trial—and as Popular as Ever
September 23, 2014

But the party is still frighteningly popular. What is going on?

Match Report: On Yesterday's Greek Tragedy
June 30, 2014

Greece comes to terms with the national team's World Cup exit

Greece Make It to the Last 16—And Score a Goal, Too!
June 25, 2014

Against the odds, Greece make it to the knockout stages after a dramatic showdown with the Ivory Coast.

The Team That Refuses to Die
June 21, 2014

Greece is down on points but full of fight. 

Kostas Mitroglou and Greece Could Really Use a Win
June 16, 2014

It's been a long 10 years for the team–and the country–since Euro 2004. 

What Do Greeks Really Want? Meet the Voters of the Country’s Extremist Parties
May 09, 2012

Athens, Greece—The big winners of Greece’s election this week were parties far removed from the political center. From the leftist SYRIZA, which came in second place with 17 percent of the vote, to the far-right Independent Greeks, who ended up with 11 percent, and the racist extremists of Golden Dawn, who gained 7 percent, the non-mainstream parties received an alarmingly large share of the total vote. What’s less clear, however, is what the vote tallies mean. Were they simply a reflection of anger against the ruling parties that have presided over the country’s current economic freefall?

How an Election in Greece Could Cause Europe to Crumble
April 20, 2012

Anyone anxiously waiting for the European Union’s death knell could do worse than circle May 6 on his calendar. That’s when Greece, a nation brought to its knees by an unprecedented economic crisis, is scheduled to hold what promises to be a turbulent parliamentary election. It’s an open question whether Europe’s fragile political balance—and Greece’s tenuous hold on membership in the Eurozone—will survive the subsequent aftershocks.