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Earlier today Arlen Specter gave the AP some harsh--but hardly surprising--quotes about Alberto Gonzales and the Bush administration in general. A quick sampling:

The senator Thursday that Bush was sticking by Gonzales out of personal loyalty, despite the attorney general's deteriorating support on Capitol Hill. "The hearing two days ago was devastating (for Gonzales). But so was the hearing before that and so was the hearing before that," Specter said.
Specter said he was incredulous that the administration would not allow the U.S. attorney to prosecute a contempt citation [against Harriet Miers and Joshua Bolten]. He said that means the president is claiming sole authority to determine when executive privilege applies.
"That cannot stand up in a constitutional democracy," the senator said.

What is sort of surprising, though, is the place where Specter talked all this smack: aboard Air Force One, as he accompanied Bush on a presidential trip to Philadelphia.

--Jason Zengerle

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