September 30, 2014

Louisiana Is Disappearing Into the Sea
And guess who's blocking efforts to save the land
11:50 PM

Literally. And while it sinks, pols and environmentalists sling mud.

Is Computer Coding an Art?
Coders are 'makers.' But what exactly are they making?
8:00 PM

Coders are 'makers.' But what exactly are they making?

Meet the Hong Kong Cop Who Has Joined His City's Protesters

"In my opinion, force is not necessary," he told me.

Obamacare Just Took a Hit in Court. Will SCOTUS Care?
District judge backs lawsuit that would end subsidies for millions
5:02 PM

Republican judge in Oklahoma upholds legal challenge. Will the Supreme Court care?

This Chart Will Tell You Just How Quickly Your Country Is Depleting Earth
4:45 PM

A truly terrifying look at how we're destroying our planet.

Obama Must Make Clear That the Syrian Regime Is Our Enemy, Too
4:23 PM

After all, Assad is collaborating with ISIS and killing his own people by the thousands.

Solar Power Could Provide Almost One-Third of World's Electricity Within a Few Decades
So stop making fun of it, OK?
9:15 AM

New reports reveal it could wean us off coal, as long as we take action now.