July 25, 2014

Don’t Read This Book: A History of Literary Censorship
5:39 PM

Three new works concerned with banned literature, from Joyce to Rushdie.

Obama Understands the Border Crisis Better Than Rick Perry. His Child-Migrant Plan Proves It.
5:36 PM

A humanitarian crisis demands a humanitarian response—not more guns on the border.

Why Did 1,000 People Watch Right-Wing D.C. Interns Debate Each Other?
A dispatch from the Cato Institute's "Libertarianism vs. Conservatism"
3:23 PM

A dispatch from the Cato Institute's "Libertarianism vs. Conservatism."

Jonathan Gruber: 'It Was Just a Mistake'
An Obamacare architect explains a 2012 quote that's fueling critics
10:31 AM

In 2012, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber said the same thing the law's critics now allege in a lawsuit. What gives? "I misspoke," he says.

Remarkable Photos of Toys Set Up To Mimic Real-Life War and Violence
Children describe the horror they see, and this photographer recreates it—with dolls. Astonishing.
10:26 AM

Children describe the horror they see, and this photographer recreates it—with toys. Astonishing. 

Arkansas Republicans Just Proved Why Obamacare Will Survive Despite This Week's Absurd Court Decision
7:00 AM

We now have a real-world example of how quickly Republicans will cave if the Supreme Court torpedoes Obamacare.

Who Bears More Responsibility for the War in Gaza?
6:16 AM

Hamas's rocket attacks may have been the immediate cause, but history tells a different story.

July 24, 2014

The Hidden, Horrifying Impacts of Climate Change
It's not all hurricanes and floods. Expect sewage in your drinking water.
8:00 PM

These are the consequences you don't hear about.

Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand Just Got a Divorce
His antipoverty plan will force liberals to amend their criticism
3:15 PM

It's progress!

This Is Paul Ryan's Best Idea Yet
3:09 PM

It has support from senators Patty Murray and Marco Rubio as well as President Obama.