August 28, 2015

Why Is Donald Trump Winning Over Evangelical Voters?

The fact that Donald Trump is pulling any Evangelicals says a lot about the state of the Republican Party.

The Flooding of America

Hurricane Katrina was not the first time a lack of foresight has caused flooding to disproportionately affect low-resource communities in the United States.

Republicans Come to Terms with Their Worst Trump Nightmare
1:21 PM

They are now openly contemplating the possibility that Donald Trump could win.

Gun Control Advocates Make Slow Progress—Just Not in Washington
1:18 PM

Efforts to push gun control in Congress have failed, but smaller reforms are taking hold in the states.

Why William Kristol Keeps Returning to Donald Trump
9:35 AM

The Weekly Standard editor has gone from being Trump-curious, to anti-Trump, to, in his own words, “anti-anti-Trump.”

Paid Leave This Week: What It's Like to Have Cancer and a Baby While Working at Amazon
9:32 AM

Plus: UPS for breastmilk, and new post-baby perks for management consultants.

Liberals Are Wrong to Separate Race from Class
6:30 AM

Doing so undermines the cause of racial equality in general and the pursuit of equitable treatment in the criminal justice system in particular.

August 27, 2015

The Griot of New Orleans
6:09 PM

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, jazz musician Terence Blanchard tells the story of his hometown. 

A Majority of Gun Victims Know Their Assailant

Here are the victims of fatal gun violence we aren't talking about.