October 19, 2014

What a Past Epidemic Teaches Us About Ebola
Lessons from the cholera scare of 1892
11:02 PM

Hysteria over a handful of cases? Check. Scapegoating of immigrants and public health officials? Check.

Hey, Bill Maher: There Is No Such Thing as “Islamic Extremism.”
10:00 PM

There’s simply extremism, which some Muslims have embraced.

Fear of Ebola Could Make People More Likely to Vote Conservative
8:00 PM

A growing body of literature suggests that fear make people’s political outlook more conservative.

Obama's Former Muslim Advisor Assesses Whether He's Lived Up to His Cairo Speech

Obama came into office promising to improve relations with the Muslim world. It didn't go exactly as planned.

October 17, 2014

The Ripple Effects of a Travel Ban Could Make The Ebola Problem Even Worse
1:14 PM

Grounding planes doesn't keep the disease isolated.

The New Ebola Czar Isn't a Doctor. Should We Care?
Ron Klain is a veteran D.C. operative and manager
11:31 AM

The new Ebola czar is a manager, not a doctor. 

Want To Help Combat Ebola? Get a Flu Shot
Flu symptoms are just like Ebola symptoms
11:07 AM

You'll help keep ERs clear—and give yourself peace of mind.