November 28, 2014

The Major Demographic Shift That's Upending How We Think About Race
12:00 AM

And you'll never guess where the rate of people claiming more than one race is growing fastest

November 27, 2014

CHART: What the Ferguson Witnesses Said They Saw
11:52 AM

Twenty-nine statements. And quite a few different versions of reality.

I'm an Immigrant in America Thanks to Executive Action—Just Like Many of Your Ancestors Were
What conservatives don't understand about immigration "law"
11:22 AM

Time for a history lesson, conservatives.

November 26, 2014

The Reason Republicans Can't Pass Anything on Immigration
8:26 PM

Doomed if they do. Doomed if they don't.

The Supreme Court's New EPA Case Has More to Do With Climate Change Than You Think
3:13 PM

How mercury regulations will help determine the level of greenhouse gases.

Peru Forcibly Sterilized 300,000 Poor Women in the '90s. Now They Could Decide the Country's Future.
2:26 PM

A heinous medical campaign has remained relatively unknown—until now. 

These Senators Are About to Blow the World's Best Shot at a Non-Nuclear Iran

Diplomacy is working, and more sanctions would change that.

The Secret Back Channel That Doomed the Israel-Palestine Negotiations
12:30 PM

As the official peace process was stalling, stand-ins for Abbas and Netanyahu were meeting in secret.