October 28, 2014

Why Doesn't MIT Trust Its Own Students to Recognize Sexual Assault?
The problems with the university's new survey

The problems with the university's new survey.

Scott Walker Is Scared He Might Lose—and He's Already Blaming His Fellow Republicans
6:37 PM

First of all, he's actually *trying* to court female voters.

Enough Already! Massachusetts' Martha Coakley Isn't "Choking."
5:55 PM

No, she's not Bill Buckner. She's more like Pedro Martinez.

Jewish History is Not Just About the Holocaust. Finally, a Museum Gets That.
"The last thing Poland needs is a Holocaust museum. … The whole country is a Holocaust museum.”
5:01 PM

Finally, a museum gets that.

Bloomberg's New Elite-Education Initiative Has a 'Good Will Hunting' Problem
2:53 PM

The problem isn't getting geniuses to apply to Ivies. It's making college affordable.

Chris Christie Is Ignorant About Ebola, But That Doesn't Mean He Was Wrong About Quarantines
12:13 PM

Quarantine has a vital role to play in preventing the spread of Ebola. It's just that that role shouldn't be determined by Christie.

It's Not Just You. The Midterms Are Boring.
If you want to talk about policy, you'll have to wait until 2016
8:07 AM

Want to talk policy? Wait until 2016.

October 27, 2014

A West Point Literature Professor's Inspiring Plea for Creativity in Our Military
10:56 PM

If you could give one book to a soldier, what would it be?