October 23, 2014

Kay Hagan: Obama's Most Inspiring Moment Was Four Years Ago
2:23 PM

The North Carolina senator is another Democrat struggling to answer easy questions about the president.

Get Ready for Ferguson to Be Back in the News
The story never went away
8:03 AM

A county autopsy and some investigative journalism give new credence to Officer Wilson's story of self-defense.

October 22, 2014

Freaking Out Over Facebook's Egg Freezing Is Just Another Way to Police Women's Choices
10:00 PM

Isn’t this what we want more companies—and, even more, the federal government—to do?

Stop Calling Our Closest Allies Against ISIS "Terrorists"

We need the PKK for stability in the Middle East.

Let Chris Christie Legalize Sports Gambling. It Won't Ruin the Game.
3:08 PM

Americans already spend about $380 billion on sports gambling per year.