January 28, 2015

Republicans Are Still Trying to Redefine Rape
Only their tactics have changed
12:55 PM

Their tactics have changed, that's all.

Pope Francis, Radical Leftist?
The rightwing backlash has begun

The rightwing backlash has begun.

Yahoo's Decision to Spin Off Alibaba Was a Sign of an Identity Crisis
9:42 AM

When Marisa Mayer became company CEO, she added a mediagenic gloss to this ongoing question of company identity, but the question remains: What is Yahoo?

January 27, 2015

Scott Walker Is Going to Blow Up the GOP's Pivot on Inequality
4:41 PM

The poor get no sympathy from Wisconsin's governor.

It's Time to Remind Climate Change Deniers That Weather and Climate Are Different
4:07 PM

New York's near-miss with a major snowstorm has nothing to do with climate change.

Republicans Are Making the Same Mistakes Today That Democrats Made Last Decade
9:39 AM

Income inequality is to the GOP as the Iraq war was to Democrats.