September 14, 2014

Feminism Has Conquered the Culture. Now Comes the Hard Part
A debate on this unprecedented opportunity

Two female writers battle it out over that very question.

Was the Spiritual Father of the GOP Actually a Democrat?

A new history of Lincoln's Republican Party may find favor with liberals, but seems to leave out many details.  

September 12, 2014

We Can't Destroy ISIS Without Destroying Bashar al Assad First
8:00 PM

The Syrian strongman is the terrorist organization's most important recruiting tool.

Men in Congress Literally Don't Listen to Women
2:57 PM

Women represent 23 percent of witnesses in the GOP's House. 

This Is What a GOP Senate's First 100 Days Will Look Like
Hint: They'll be extremely friendly to big business
2:51 PM

Hint: They'll be extremely friendly to big business.

No, Scottish Independence Would Not Guarantee Permanent Tory Rule
It’s bad news for Labour and Conservative alike.
2:38 PM

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Scottish independence would not usher in Tory rule. Instead, it could a disaster for political parties across the aisle.

Scotland's Radically Inclusive Nationalism
Why I would vote for independence
12:05 PM

Here's why I would vote for independence.

If This Is Really the Most 'Sweeping' Coal Ash Law In the Country, We're Doomed
10:56 AM

A toxic mixture of arsenic, lead, mercury, and other chemicals is seeping out of coal ash pits.

WATCH: James Brown Delivers a Message on Domestic Violence to Football Fans
9:15 AM

Instead of giving pre-game hype, he delivers a powerful message about domestic violence.

Climate Change Is About to Have a Populist Moment
Why an upcoming demonstration in NYC is so important
8:28 AM

What the largest climate march in history can and can't do.