February 23, 2015

President Obama's Plan to Become the Next Ronald Reagan
9:00 PM

The White House is pitching the idea to political reporters.

Essential Life Lessons From Mike Allen
2:12 PM

“If you haven't met her, she ain't your girlfriend, dude.”

John Legend Made the Most Important Point at the Oscars
11:50 AM

Common was poetic, but Legend took aim at law and policy.

The Whitewashed Oscars Redeemed Hollywood With a Surprisingly Political Ceremony
9:14 AM

Sometimes politics sneaks into art. Other times, it kicks in the door. 

February 22, 2015

Is Obama a Christian or Not? It's Almost Impossible to Say.

Scott Walker says he doesn't know whether or not Obama is a Christian. He's right.

February 20, 2015

What Some Conservatives Call Kids Now: "Human Capital"

Human capital is a terrible term that no one should use, especially for children.

Obama Loves America, But Not the One Giuliani Does
6:15 PM

The former mayor's softer brand of birtherism.

Venezuela's Unpopular President Just Threw a Mayor in Jail
6:15 PM

Now the mayor of Caracas has been arrested and charged for an alleged U.S. coup of Venezuela. What exactly is President Maduro thinking?

The Obamacare Subsidy Challenge Is Built on Fox News Soundbites
2:39 PM

You Can't Spell "Exchange Eztablished by the State" without BENGHAZI.