December 12, 2014

We Just Witnessed the Most Important Day in Politics All Year
1:19 PM

Six key things we learned from the raucous debate over the omnibus.

The Week Elizabeth Warren Decided to Run for President
12:18 PM

If she runs, we'll remember these past few days as pivotal.

IUD Use Has Almost Doubled Since 2010
11:43 AM

The CDC breaks down data based on age, race, and education.

December 11, 2014

CIA Director John Brennan Just Accidentally Undermined Guantánamo's War Court

Once somebody is tortured, all the information they provide is tainted.

We Will Never Know Whether Torture Works. That Shouldn't Matter.
4:51 PM

Stop obsessing over its effectiveness. That's beside the point.

The Torture Report Will Make It Harder for the Government to Prosecute Guantánamo Prisoners

In 2009, charges were dropped against a September 11 defendant because he was tortured.

If You're Bored by the Hong Kong Crackdown, the Chinese Government Is Winning
10:36 AM

The frightening consequences of quiet authoritarianism.

South Africa's Violent Road to Real Democracy
10:02 AM

"The violence stems from a vacuum of legitimate authority. The vacuum is a result of apartheid, which, for blacks, left the very concept of public order discredited."