July 23, 2015

How Do You Make Sure Generous Paid Leave Doesn't Backfire on Women? Focus on Men.
4:30 PM

The unintended consequences of too-generous paid leave policies. 

I Had the “Least Meaningful Job in America”—and I Loved It

Working as a parking lot attendant helped me become a better person.

Could "Insight Policing" Have Saved Sandra Bland?
12:27 PM

A new police de-escalation strategy holds promise for defusing tense civilian-cop situations. 

Why Donald Trump Truly Terrifies Republicans
11:17 AM

It’s not just the threat of a third-party challenge.

The Many Manipulations of the Planned Parenthood Attack Videos
9:40 AM

An OB/GYN explains how medically incorrect language is used to distort the facts.

The New Nuclear Family
7:06 AM

What gay marriage means for the future of parenthood.

July 22, 2015

2015: A Year of Record-Breaking Extreme Weather
12:08 PM

Here’s a running list of this year’s frightening climate milestones.

How Donald Trump Dominates the News
11:10 AM

Not even Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders can compete.

July 21, 2015

Donald Trump Is Fox News Incarnate
2:31 PM

Why Republicans can't disown their presidential frontrunner.