October 22, 2014

Stop Calling Our Closest Allies Against ISIS "Terrorists"

We need the PKK for stability in the Middle East.

Let Chris Christie Legalize Sports Gambling. It Won't Ruin the Game.
3:08 PM

Americans already spend about $380 billion on sports gambling per year.

Gas Prices Have Gone Way Down. Why Aren't Republicans Thanking Obama?
2:31 PM

Because the president has nothing to do with gas prices!

The Anti-'Klinghoffer' Protests Are the Best Thing That Could Happen to the Metropolitan Opera
1:40 PM

The riot that accompanied the Paris premiere of the ballet The Rite of Spring gave Stravinsky’s polytonality its artistic bonafides. Censoring Ulysses certified Joyce a prophet.

A Soldier Explains What It Was Like In the World War I Trenches
12:10 PM

"The trenches only came up to your knees, and no protection at all; and then there was no food."

October 21, 2014

The Data Favors Democrats
A bright spot emerges ahead of the midterms
10:00 PM

It's all in the data.