March 26, 2015

I'm a European Jew—and No, I'm Not Leaving
11:55 PM

Contrary to Jeffrey Goldberg and The Atlantic, Jews are not leaving Europe.

Give Up, Evangelicals. The Republican Party Isn't Going to Help You.

The GOP establishment lets them down every time—and will again in 2016.

A California Lawyer Wants to Put Gays to Death. Why Isn't the Attorney General Ignoring Him?
Kamala Harris's response is only making matters worse
12:00 PM

Kamala Harris's response is only making matters worse.

March 25, 2015

Never Forget the Triangle Factory Fire—It's Why We Have Unions
10:00 PM

When you hear politicians rail against the sins of organized labor, remember this 1911 disaster.

Ted Cruz Is Signing Up for Obamacare. That's Not Hypocritical, But It Is Heartless.
1:53 PM

There is a story here—just not the one his critics think.

The Supreme Court Just Sided with Pregnant Working Women
1:16 PM

A big win for working women in a 6—3 decision. 

Stop Using College Students as Political Pawns

Stop making college campuses rallying points for political gripes.

The Budget Gimmick That Will Save Washington
6:00 AM

A Republican senator dropped a hint last week.

March 24, 2015

There Is No Such Thing as a Humane Execution
Utah is bringing back the firing squad—but we should be debating the death penalty itself

Every time we argue over how best to kill inmates, we become a less perfect union.