October 24, 2014

Young Doctors Can Be Courageous. They Can Also Be Careless.
Craig Spencer probably never thought he'd get Ebola himself
12:27 AM

Doctors really do make the worst patients.

October 23, 2014

The First Case of Ebola Has Been Diagnosed in NYC. Here's What We Know.
10:35 PM

He got it in West Africa and you're probably not going to get it.

The Award for Dumbest Tweet About the NYC Ebola Case Goes to Someone Very Close to Ted Cruz
10:18 PM

As a statement of fact, he was correct. But he was oh so wrong. 

Ben Bradlee and the Powerful Cold War Georgetown Set
10:00 PM

What he knew—and didn't know—about the CIA.

America's Organ Transplant Law Is Criminally Unfair to Donors

More Americans have died waiting for an organ than died in WWI and II, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

European Soccer Has a Racism Problem. Its Solution: Sexism.
3:18 PM

UEFA's women-and-children policy makes no sense whatsoever.