October 17, 2014

The Ripple Effects of a Travel Ban Could Make The Ebola Problem Even Worse
1:14 PM

Grounding planes doesn't keep the disease isolated.

The New Ebola Czar Isn't a Doctor. Should We Care?
Ron Klain is a veteran D.C. operative and manager
11:31 AM

The new Ebola czar is a manager, not a doctor. 

Want To Help Combat Ebola? Get a Flu Shot
Flu symptoms are just like Ebola symptoms
11:07 AM

You'll help keep ERs clear—and give yourself peace of mind. 

Ebola Hysteria Hits a New Level
But you don't need a hazmat suit to travel
8:13 AM

But you don't need a hazmat suit to travel

October 16, 2014

My Day at the Shooting Range with a Merry Band of Bubbies
10:00 PM

For $125, JewsCanShoot teaches the basics in just five hours.

Their Fears Are Coming True: People Are Disappearing in Crimea Now That Russia's in Charge
10:00 PM

"We survived the communist times, Stalin, Lenin. We will survive this Putin too."

We Should Quarantine Everyone Coming From Countries With Ebola Outbreaks
An infectious-disease specialist says the time for half-measures is over
3:04 PM

"There is a real possibility that the numbers will proliferate more rapidly than expected."