September 09, 2014

DARPA May Have a Way to Stop Ebola in Its Tracks
If only the U.S. had the boldness to try it
8:00 PM

If only the U.S. government had the boldness to try it.

Our Jack the Ripper Obsession Is Misogynist
Were Jack the Ripper alive today, would we idolize him as much?
6:00 PM

And the women who rightfully find the whole thing appalling. 

Apple's Watch Is Like a High-Tech Mood Ring
And the scariest part is your emotions may be up for sale
4:21 PM

And the scariest part is your emotions may be up for sale.

Foreign Funding of Think Tanks Is Corrupting Our Democracy
12:15 PM

As foreign governments amp up contributions, the line between lobbying and analysis is blurring.

Don't Buy Republicans' Sudden Change of Heart on Birth Control
8:56 AM

They haven't given us a good enough reason to believe it.

September 08, 2014

Disagree With Doctors' Diagnosis of Your Kid and You Might Get Arrested
The scary, confusing world of "medical neglect"
10:00 PM

This is what happened when parents removed their child from a hospital against a doctor's orders.

You Can't Stop ISIS Simply by Killing Its Leader
8:00 PM

Beware the "Big Man Theory" in counterterrorism.

Why Is it So Hard to Determine Exactly How Many Women Are Raped Each Year?
4:54 PM

A new study suggests that we're failing to count an enormous number of victims.