July 20, 2014

A Parable for Putin
Based on a true story.
7:32 PM

I learned an important lesson when I was five, and it's one Putin never seems to have learned. 

The Russian Public Has a Totally Different Understanding of What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
And it's more of a problem than you think.
6:58 PM

Putin has become prisoner to his own propaganda machine.

The Explosive, Inside Story of How John Kerry Built an Israel-Palestine Peace Plan—and Watched It Crumble
6:45 PM

The death of a peace plan—and the makings of a new Middle East disaster.

Pro-Russia Rebels in Ukraine Are Using Malaysia Airlines Victims’ Bodies as a Bargaining Chip
12:25 PM

Just when the news out of Eastern Ukraine couldn’t get any worse, it did.

July 18, 2014

Rupert’s Red Top: The Rise and Fall of Rebekah Brooks
6:00 PM

Peter Jukes watched the former tabloid editor’s extraordinary composure in court on every day of the hacking trial. Her story tells you everything you need to know about the way power works.

AIDS Researcher Who Died in Malaysia Airlines Crash Was A Scientific Hero
5:41 PM

Joep Lange was a leader in efforts to make HIV medications accessible to low-income patients around the world.

Megyn Kelly Misrepresented My Article About Contraception
I'm an OB-GYN. She's Not.
5:16 PM

I'm an OB-GYN. She's not. 

Strict European Sanctions Would Hurt Russia. But Don't Hold Your Breath.
5:07 PM

The U.S. alone can't cripple the Kremlin with economic sanctions.

I Met Igor Bezler, the Russian Rebel Who Said, "We Have Just Shot Down a Plane"
His nickname is "Demon." That's all you need to know.
4:27 PM

Who is the man overheard saying, "We have just shot down a plane"?

MAP: Every Dangerous Place Where Airplanes Aren't Supposed to Fly

How often do passenger airplanes fly over conflict areas? The answer is frightening.