October 15, 2014

Here's How an Ebola Quarantine Would Work in America
11:42 PM

An American citizen can be forcibly quarantined. But only if it's absolutely necessary.

No, Republicans Aren't Guaranteed to Win the Senate. Here's Why.
10:00 PM

For election nerds, these midterms are Christmas.

Is Russell Brand a Modern Renaissance Man or a Charlatan?
8:00 PM

He says he wants a revolution. He seems serious.

Teddy Roosevelt Was a Real Independent. Today's Versions Are Poseurs.
7:00 PM

What happened to the Independents who actually stood for something?

Markets Panicked On Wednesday. Here's Why the U.S. Economy Is OK.
5:43 PM

Europe is nearing another recession. But the U.S. recovery will continue.

The Solution to Violent Soccer Matches Is Not to Separate Enemy Nations
5:42 PM

After all, political tension makes for great competition.

Maine Independents May Inadvertently Put an Extremist Republican Governor in Office—Again
The state's three-way gubernatorial race is quickly devolving into tragicomedy
4:04 PM

The state's three-way gubernatorial race could devolve into a tragicomedy. 

Hong Kong's Own Reddit Is Doing the Protesters' Dirty Work—Sometimes too Dirty
12:09 PM

Are the "Golden brothers" folk hereos or sexist bullies?