September 08, 2014

You Can't Stop ISIS Simply by Killing Its Leader
8:00 PM

Beware the "Big Man Theory" in counterterrorism.

Why Is it So Hard to Determine Exactly How Many Women Are Raped Each Year?
4:54 PM

A new study suggests that we're failing to count an enormous number of victims.

Maybe You Don't Need a Big Doctor Network to Get Good Care
Injecting some data into an Obamacare controversy
3:10 PM

Study suggests those restrictive insurance plans are good for consumers

Obama Played Politics on Immigration—And Democrats Will Pay the Price
Executive amnesty and deportation relief at the throes of Senate elections
1:55 PM

If Democrats lose the Senate, how will Obama move ahead with executive action on immigration?

New Ray Rice Video Reminds Us That Domestic Violence is Violent
12:00 PM

But it's a reminder that domestic violence is violent

Congress Is Back. Is Another Government Shutdown Coming?
7:32 AM

Here's what Congress has to do before the midterms

September 06, 2014

While Obama Waits, Thousands More Deportations Likely
2:15 PM

The depressing math of delaying an executive order on immigration

It's Official: Obama Delaying Deportation Order
Critics will say it's all about politics. Critics will be right.
12:53 PM

People will say it's all about the politics. They'll be right.

September 05, 2014

A Scottish Writer Explains Why He's Voting for Independence
6:01 PM

No, we don't hate the English. We just want to elect our own government.

Why Is The Muslim World in Thrall to Conspiracy Theories?
6:00 PM

The “we’ve been lied to” argument goes only so far.