July 01, 2015

The Christian Case for Vaccinating Children

Christians are obligated to sacrifice for others. A needle pinprick and a little soreness are relatively minor.

Anthony Kennedy’s Same-Sex Marriage Opinion Was a Logical Disaster
10:25 AM

It was the correct ruling, but John Roberts's dissent completely outmatched him.

June 30, 2015

The Supreme Court Isn’t Afraid to Mess With Texas
2:26 PM

The Lone Star State felt the impact of this SCOTUS season more than any other state.

Child Models Deserve Worker Protections, Too
1:12 PM

It's time to give them the same protections that other child entertainers have. 

How to Improve Obamacare
11:20 AM

After the Supreme Court's ACA ruling, what’s next for health care reform?

The Other Winner in the Supreme Court's Wild Week: Big Business
8:34 AM

The Obamacare, gay marriage, and EPA rulings all have a unifying theme.

Liberals, Don’t Get Complacent About the Supreme Court
7:25 AM

The judicial threat to liberalism won’t end until a Democratic president replaces one of the Court’s conservatives with a liberal.

Donald Trump Stole Chris Christie’s Brand
7:23 AM

There's only room for one loud, obnoxious jerk in the Republican primary.

June 29, 2015

The Supreme Court Just Approved a Lethal Injection Drug that No One Understands
4:55 PM

Lethal injection is often beyond the expertise of nearly everyone who participates in it.