September 04, 2014

A True Test: In Defense of the SAT
Critics say the SAT puts minorities at a disadvantage in college admissions, but without it those groups would do even worse.

When it comes to standardized testing, what we need is more rather than less.

Catholic Schools Are Brazenly Firing Pregnant Lesbian Teachers
And they're using morality as a defense

And they're using morality as a defense.

Antonin Scalia Used This Wrongful Conviction to Defend the Death Penalty
1:50 PM

Now that the accused are free, does he still think the death penalty is wise?

Obamacare Lawsuits Just Suffered a Big Setback
What it means and how the legal challenge could play out
11:43 AM

The challenge lives, but its vital signs are looking a lot worse.

The Media Must Find a Way to Support Freelancers Who Risk Their Lives
7:59 AM

Steven Sotloff and James Foley were not rewarded for their risks.

The War on Obamacare Has Become a War on Minorities and the Poor
12:00 AM

There’s something conspicuous about the law's opponents: They’re nearly all affluent white people.

September 03, 2014

Feminism's Real First Wave Was America's Early Teachers
An interview with Dana Goldstein, author of 'The Teacher Wars'

An interview with Dana Goldstein, author of 'The Teacher Wars.'

The Greatest Threat to Our Liberty Is Local Governments Run Amok
And only a strong federal government can stop them
8:00 PM

They're stampeding people's rights—because they can.