July 10, 2014

How Ruth Bader Ginsburg Became the Most Popular Woman on the Internet
Web culture's revolutionary celebration of powerful female leaders
12:12 PM

How web culture learned to celebrate powerful female politicians.

Obamacare Is Working, But Some Insurers Are Behaving Badly
8:03 AM

Many more Americans are getting health coverage, but some of their insurers aren't behaving very well.

Republicans' Battle Plan for Reform Hasn't Changed—Only Its Chance of Winning Has
7:00 AM

If the Republicans capture control of government in 2016, they'll enact the Ryan budget, and reform conservatives will be thrilled.

Obamacare Haters, Your Case Just Got Weaker
New report suggests number of uninsured declined, just as expected
12:00 AM

The number of Americans without insurance has declined by 9.5 MILLION.

July 09, 2014

Hillary Clinton's Inequality Rhetoric Is Weak
No, we're not "all in this mess together"
11:00 PM

No, we're not "all in this mess together."

Maybe That 10-Year-Old Facing an Immigration Judge Should Have a Lawyer
10:00 PM

Imagine you're ten years old, you have no knowledge of the law, and you have to explain to a judge why you shouldn't be deported.

John Kerry's First Peace Effort in Israel and Palestine Failed, But Now He Needs to Try Again
8:00 PM

Can the United States end the cycle of violence between Israelis and Palestinians?

A Middle East Expert Explains Assad's Dangerous Charm, ISIS's Plans, and the Future of the Region
An Interview With Robert Ford, the Former Ambasssador to Syria
8:00 PM

A conversation with former Syrian Ambassador Robert Ford.

The New York Times's Editorial on Israel Was a Sloppy Hack Job
4:32 PM

In the midst of this heated conflict, the paper's editorial board needs to get its facts straight.