August 18, 2014

Stop Giving Money to the U.N.'s Relief Agency for Palestinians
It's the best hope for a Palestinian state

It's the best hope for a Palestinian state.

The Right-Wing Response to Ferguson Is Depressingly Predictable
2:38 PM

Once again, conservatives are questioning a black victim's character.

Justice for Michael Brown Rests Almost Entirely in the Hands of This One Man
10:07 AM

The most powerful person in Ferguson isn't a cop. It's the prosecutor

Escalation in Ferguson
The governor orders the National Guard in
8:07 AM

The Department of Justice has stepped up its involvement in the case, too.

August 17, 2014

Exclusive Emails Show Ohio's Doubts About Lethal Injection
The state worried new drugs could make prisoners "gasp" and "hyperventilate"—and used them anyway
8:00 PM

Five years before Arizona took two hours to execute an inmate, officials in Ohio worried the same drugs would cause prisoners to "gasp" and "hyperventilate"—and used them anyway.

There Is Only One Real Way to Prevent Future Fergusons: End the War on Drugs
8:00 PM

It has created the toxic dynamic between black boys and white police officers. 

August 15, 2014

How One Woman's Luxury Damascus Villa Became a Refugee Camp
The war in Syria seeps into the Old City

A touching memoir of war and loss—told through a single Syrian house.

Why Britain Created Monarchies in the Middle East
6:00 PM

When was the most stable time in recent Iraqi history? Most likely it was during the British-sponsored Hashemite Kingdom of Iraq from 1921 to 1958.