August 06, 2015

How Will Republicans Use Cleveland?
12:18 PM

The GOP says it wants to win over black voters, but can it resist a cheap shot at a Democratic stronghold?

Donald Trump Is a Modern Spiro Agnew
12:11 PM

Donald Trump's brash style comes straight from Spiro Agnew's political playbook. 

Tonight’s Republican Debate Is the Party’s Worst Nightmare
9:51 AM

The circus is back in town, despite the GOP's promise to learn from the 2012 disaster.

"In the End ... No One Really Cared"
9:47 AM

The failure of criminal justice reform in Missouri.

August 05, 2015

The Republican Candidates Are Not Clones
3:47 PM

A guide to the policy positions that could make or break them in the debate.

Donald Trump Is a Serious Candidate
8:38 AM

Don't listen to the media. The GOP's greatest troll has a real chance.

August 04, 2015

Arguing Against Evil
9:29 AM

Liberal hawks and neocons' Congress for Cultural Freedom delusion.

Attacking Obama's Climate Plan Won't Save America's Dying Coal Industry
7:08 AM

The war on coal is a mirage, but the GOP's war on the EPA and Obama is real.

August 03, 2015

"I Am Cait" Divides Audiences Along Political Lines

Conservatives and liberals watch E!'s reality show differently.