June 22, 2015

Should We Forgive Dylann Roof?

The roots and purpose of Christian forgiveness.

Paid Leave This Week: Twitter Dads Take Time Off; Sheryl Sandberg Gives Fatherhood a Makeover
10:53 AM

Lean In partnered with Getty Images to make stock photos of dads actually taking care of their children.

June 21, 2015

Justice Anthony Kennedy Might Use a Conservative Principle to Save Obamacare
8:35 PM

Here are the three most likely outcomes in the Supreme Court case.

The Obama Gap
8:00 PM

A case study in electoral failure.

Was the Co-Founder of Charleston's Emanuel Church a Victim of Racist Paranoia, Too?

Racism is a form of imagination, not just of domination. And across our history, whites have imagined blacks conspiring against them.

Mental Illness Doesn't Negate Political Motive
10:57 AM

Dylann Roof and the intersection of psychology and extremist ideology.

June 19, 2015

Does Jeb Bush Know Anything?
5:29 PM

According to him, not really!