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God Demands Payback On Talent Loan

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I can't help but find it incredibly karmically satisfying that Rush Limbaugh is getting
a little bit of the same bitter medicine Democrats swallowed when
MoveOn dared to call someone wearing a military uniform less than honest. Now, what
Rush did was worse -- he called the many Iraq war

who consult with antiwar Democrats "phony troops" -- and the outcry against him is
less wild: Some press releases, a little play on CNN, and today Harry Reid went
on the Senate floor to denounce him, which probably only makes Rush more
popular with his listeners. Still, good for Reid. In these difficult days we find our scraps
of pleasure where we can.

Update: As per commenter rhubarbs's suggestion, Democrat Mark Udall introduced a House resolution yesterday condemning Rush; then Republican Jack Kingston introduced a resolution praising him. Your democracy at work!

--Eve Fairbanks

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