2016 Election

Sorry, Hillary. Your 2008 PUMA Die-Hards Aren't That Into You Anymore.
April 22, 2015

Some of her most virulent 2008 supporters are reluctant to get into bed with another Hillary campaign.

Jeb Bush Came So Close to Acknowledging Climate Change
April 17, 2015

He's still playing it very safe. 

America's Political Obsession With the "Middle Class" Hurts Workers
April 17, 2015

Clinton didn't refer specifically to the middle class in her announcement, but should she have? Yes and no.

You Don't Have to Drink the Clinton Kool-Aid to See That Hillary Is the Only Option
April 15, 2015

As everyone keeps insisting, a Hillary campaign is about strong, visceral emotions—which I honestly did not feel until the day she announced.

Rand Paul Is Republicans' Best Hope to Beat Hillary
April 13, 2015

The GOP base hasn't embraced him, but polls show he would give Hillary a run for her money in the general election.

Hillary Will Be Haunted by the Ghosts of Clinton Conspiracy Theories
April 13, 2015

Some Clinton "scandals" never die—and Bill and Hillary are partly to blame for it.

There's Nothing Inevitable About Hillary
April 12, 2015

It’s a terrifying thing, living through history. So here goes nothing. And everything.

Why Pro-Lifers Should Sweat the Details of Abortion Penalties
April 10, 2015

Rand Paul wants to talk principles, not policies. But for pro-lifers, policies matter too.

Hillary Clinton Can't Coast on Her Belief in Climate Science
April 10, 2015

Just because the GOP field is full of deniers doesn't mean she can be vague about her environmental policies.

Don't Expect Hillary Clinton to Stand Up to Wall Street
April 10, 2015

She might channel Elizabeth Warren's rhetoric on occasion, but don't expect Clinton to channel Warren's policies.