Alastair Campbell

Oh Brother
June 16, 2010

Two days after the British general election, Alan Watkins died. He was the doyen of London political columnists, after nearly half a century of writing weekly, wisely, and wittily about Parliament, and the Tories (his book, A Conservative Coup, is the best account of the fall of Margaret Thatcher), but, above all, the Labour Party, which he knew intimately.

The TNR Reader’s Guide to the British Elections
May 04, 2010

Overall Best One-Stop Shop Politics Home. With all the latest polls, headlines, and videos from the campaign trail, PoliticsHome is clearly the best and easiest-to-use election portal. It’s got enough detail to satisfy political junkies and plenty of overview material for novices and newcomers. Runner-up: the BBC. Best Conservative One-Stop Shop Conservative Home.

The Sun Sets On Labor
September 30, 2009

Rupert Murdoch's British tabloid has officially abandoned Gordon Brown. Alastair Campbell, who as Tony Blair's media guru was instrumental in winning The Sun over to Labor's side in 1997, doesn't think the switch is that big a deal: The media marketplace has changed enormously since 1997. Papers have had to become very different animals to compete with 24 hour news and cope with the advent of the web and, more recently, social networking.   As channels of communication have become more diverse and diffuse, it has been harder for the papers to make impact.

Life Imitates "the Thick Of It"

Back at his own blog our friend Alex Massie catches a gem from Alastair Campbell's newly-released diaries. Writes Campbell of one dreary meeting: War Cabinet. [Secretary of State for International Development] Clare Short rabbiting on more than ever. I slipped Tony a note about the time Saddam shot his health minister at a meeting because he was annoying him and did he want me to get a gun? 'Yes', he scribbled. --Michael Crowley