Geoffrey Wheatcroft

England Have Won Wars Against Argentina and Germany. Football Matches, Not So Much.
July 12, 2014

Deciding who to root for in the World Cup final is not so easy if you're English

It's a Sorry Year for British Sports, and Not Just at the World Cup
July 08, 2014

God may still save the Queen, but Britannia has not ruled in 2014

A Wonderful Tournament—But Just How Good Are Brazil, or the Rest?
July 04, 2014

Reflections, predictions, and the latest Suarez affair

Who Would Ever Want to Be a Referee?
June 26, 2014

Right or wrong, you're always making somebody mad

Winston Churchill's Last Surviving Daughter Was the Grandest of Grand Dames
June 06, 2014

Remembering Mary Soames, Churchill's daughter and the grandest of grande dames

On the Use and Abuse of Munich
December 03, 2013

The 1938 conference between Chamberlain and Hitler is misunderstood. And the blowhards who constantly evoke its memory are dangerous.

David Cameron is Useless
August 30, 2013

In November 2009, David Cameron gave the Hugo Young Lecture, sponsored by The Guardian in memory of its highly respected columnist. Young had died of cancer in the autumn of 2003 after a splendid swan song, a final year of controlled rage.

Is the Tour de France Finally Clean?
July 22, 2013

But what a splendid Tour that was—and what a wonderful race the Tour de France still is!