Berry Gordy

Not Sexy And He Knows It
December 05, 2011

Want a mindbender? Go read Jonah Weiner's featured piece in Slate today on the party rock crew LMFAO, the uncle-nephew duo whose younger member was the fine fellow involved in the 2010 air-rage altercation with Mitt Romney that I describe in the current cover story. Chances are, you know as little about LMFAO as I did before I went to a show of theirs in Silver Spring two weeks ago, hoping to score an interview with the Romney assailant, Sky Blu.

The Producers
May 29, 2006

ON THE SEATING CHART of the creative fraternity, record producers occupy one of the rows behind film directors and in front of book editors. In recording, it is the performers who are the "artists," as the music press and the people who run the Grammys like to remind us. Producers, as a rule, are hired by record companies to produce in a fundamentally commercial sense: to supply product. The task involves extraction (from the artists), organization and supervision (of those artists and their work), and collaboration (with the artists), in varying measures; the producer's job is essentially sus

One Nation Under a Groove
July 15, 1991

  I.   My dream was to become Frank Sinatra. I loved his phrasing, especially when he was very young and pure….