Betsy McCaughey

Crazy Train: The GOP Welcomes the Fringe on Board
August 24, 2009

I had an unusual thought not long ago while I watched a video clip of a screaming man at a town hall accusing John Dingell of effectively planning the murder of his disabled son. As I watched, the idea struck me that it was legitimately impossible to determine if the man was crazy merely in the political sense-- as in, hoo boy, Rudy Giuliani's foreign policy ideas sure are crazy--or crazy in the more literal sense of a person whose mental health issues render him frequently unable to function. It was a total jump ball which kind of crazy he was.

Lay Off Zeke
August 11, 2009

This right-wing smear campaign against Zeke Emanuel is complete and utter bulls**t. Please read this excellent Salon debunking to see why. (Via Yglesias.) Reading it, you can't help thinking Betsy McCaughey was in some ways Sarah Palin 15 years before Sarah Palin. (And I'm honestly not sure who loses in that comparison...)

Exposing The Euthanasia Scare
August 04, 2009

Republicans have a stable of bona fide health policy experts. These are recognizable, sometimes quite partisan conservatives. Yet they are handicapped as political operatives by their residence in the reality-based community.