Brad Smith

A Surprisingly Effective New Path to Neutralizing the Political Influence of Big Business
April 15, 2012

Every four or five years, it seems, progressives and the media discover ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, anew. I’m old enough that the latest “OMG!” reaction to the existence of the conservative legislative network, following the revelation of its role in promoting voter ID laws and the “Stand Your Ground” gun laws that briefly shielded George Zimmerman, is probably the third “discovery” of ALEC I’ve witnessed.

Still More On Romney's Money
July 02, 2008

I meant to link to this earlier, but better late than never: In response to some of the questions we raised Monday about the ways Romney's fundraising ability could benefit McCain, The Weekly Standard's Jaime Sneider had a conversation with former FEC commissioner and former Romney adviser Brad Smith. Here's what Sneider took away from it: [Smith] tells me any money McCain raises can be spent on advertising and expenses incurred before the time he becomes the official nominee.

December 20, 2004

INHERIT THE WIND Billy Tauzin of Louisiana was one of the most venal politicians ever to sully Capitol Hill. As Michelle Cottle chronicled in these pages ("Cajun Dressing," October 6, 2003), the Republican representative used his perch on the House Energy and Commerce Committee to shill for almost every big business in America--until a business broke enough laws to spark public outrage, at which point Tauzin would hold showboat hearings and recast himself as a consumer champion.