Will Britain Lose its Seat on the U.N. Security Council Seat if Scotland Becomes Independent?
British newspapers and politicians alike have claimed that it would
September 16, 2014

The United Kingdom has been on the U.N. Security Council since its creation in 1946. Would Scottish independence change that?

No, Scottish Independence Would Not Guarantee Permanent Tory Rule
It’s bad news for Labour and Conservative alike.
September 12, 2014

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Scottish independence would not usher in Tory rule. Instead, it could a disaster for political parties across the aisle.

The Most Interesting Man in England Discovers How Boring Government Really Is
September 10, 2014

The adventurer-diplomat-literary-luminary entered Parliament on a quest to reinvent modern Britain. Instead Rory Stweart is discovering the one thing he’s not good at. 

Do U.S. Soccer Fans Steal Europe's Customs? Damn Right We Do!
A British writer calls American soccer fans “derivative, excessive and utterly ridiculous.” Those same adjectives apply to his essay.
June 06, 2014

A British writer calls American soccer fans “derivative, excessive and utterly ridiculous.” Those same adjectives apply to his essay.

British Officials Oppose Sanctions Because Russia's Elite Are London's Cash Cows
March 04, 2014

Rich Russians live all over Europe, and they spend a lot of money. If it wants to punish Putin, Europe has to persuade its citizens to forgo that cash.

What Really Happened at the Battle of Waterloo
January 31, 2014

How many biscuits did it take to beat Napoleon? 83,428.

Jamie Oliver Represents Everything Wrong With Contemporary Britain
November 01, 2013

Will Self opens up on Jamie Oliver

David Cameron is Useless
Why the Syria vote is an emblematic failure for Britain's prime minister
August 30, 2013

In November 2009, David Cameron gave the Hugo Young Lecture, sponsored by The Guardian in memory of its highly respected columnist. Young had died of cancer in the autumn of 2003 after a splendid swan song, a final year of controlled rage.

Murdoch's Papers Fight the Guardian (and Free Speech)
Journalism's circular firing squad, UK edition
August 29, 2013

While it might be a mite too early to assess the historic and political impact of Edward Snowden’s leaks of top secret NSA documents, the first casualty is already clear: journalism.

Margaret Thatcher's Unintended Legacies
She wanted a conservative, middle-class England. She delivered anything but.
August 23, 2013

She wanted a return to a conservative, middle-class England. The country she created is anything but.