A Soldier Explains What It Was Like In the World War I Trenches
October 22, 2014

"The trenches only came up to your knees, and no protection at all; and then there was no food."

For Syria's Refugees, Europe Is A Road To Nowhere
February 06, 2014

Since the Syrian conflict began, only 10,000 of millions of refugees have been resettled formally in western countries. What's happened to the rest?

Think the E.U. Is Great for Eastern Europe? This Country Could Change Your Mind
December 25, 2013

Protestors in Ukraine should take a close look at what has happened in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Is on the Verge of Collapse, and Right-Wing Extremism Is on the Rise
December 16, 2013

Some Bulgarians have even burned themselves alive in protest.

The Humanist
May 05, 2011

The Fear of Barbarians By Tzvetan Todorov translated by Andrew Brown (University of Chicago Press, 233 pp., $27.50) Torture and the War on Terror By Tzvetan Todorov translated by Gila Walker (Seagull Books, 68 pp., $8.50) Duties and Delights: The Life of a Go-Between By Tzvetan Todorov translated by Gila Walker (Seagull Books, 412 pp., $39.95) I. According to French intellectual lore, Tzvetan Todorov, upon alighting in France from Bulgaria in 1963 at the age of twenty-four, headed directly for the Sorbonne.

David Thomson on Films: 'The Way Back'
December 28, 2010

It is 1940, somewhere in Soviet-occupied Poland. A Pole is being interrogated; he has been beaten. Then a woman is called in, his wife; some torture has degraded her. She informs on her man; he will be sent to a gulag. The horror is clear, but the feeling is everyday and commonplace.

What Can France Teach Us About Botched Immigration Policies?
September 03, 2010

On both sides of the Atlantic, it has been an uncomfortable summer for immigrant groups. Here in the United States there have been the quarrels over the "Ground Zero Mosque," “anchor babies,” and Arizona’s new illegal immigrant bill (not to mention yet more calls for the deportation of our “Muslim” president to his “native” Kenya by the surprisingly large proportion of the Republican Party that seems to have taken up permanent residence on Planet Zorg).

I Like Turkey, but It's Not Going to Join the European Union
August 30, 2010

For a brief season, Henry Hopkinson was a Tory politician of the second rank, who might have risen higher if he hadn’t famously misspoken in 1954. As a junior minister at the Colonial Office, he said in the House of Commons that Cyprus would never be granted independence. This dogged him for the rest of his life.

"Europe's Distress In Relation To Its Immigrants"
August 18, 2010

“Les guichets du Louvre” is a French film released in 1974 in America as “Black Thursday.”  I recall every scene: they were withering, all of them.

Europe Can’t Afford to Let Turkey Face East: A Response to Geoffrey Wheatcroft
August 12, 2010

Framed in the language of defiant truth-telling, Geoffrey Wheatcroft's views on Turkey and the E.U. add up to a wholly conventional rehearsing of haute pub talk ideas—of the kind you would have heard loudly offered in any century from the fourteenth onward, in robustly ignorant Western circles. “No, no, my dear fellow, the Turks are not like us.” For years, I heard these notions aired confidently by Colonel Blimpish friends at school and college in England. None of them had ever gone near Turkey. They, like, Mr.