Charles Koch

The Kochs Are Already Getting What They Paid for in Congress
February 01, 2015

What the Keystone debate is really about.

New York's Campaign-Finance Law Worked, but New Yorkers Still Won't Celebrate It
September 16, 2013

The second-day story from New York City’s primaries last week could have been the exceptional performance of the city’s unique system of small-donor public financing.

Meet the Men Running the Koch Brothers’ “Secret Bank”
September 12, 2013

During the 2012 election cycle, the Koch brothers oversaw a secret group that handed out a quarter of a billion dollars in undisclosed cash to various political causes. That’s what Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei are reporting today in Politico.

GOPocalypse: A Guide to Republican Purges
December 06, 2012

Who's trashing whom on the right? Here's a handy guide to post-election GOP recrimination.

America on the Brink of Oligarchy
August 24, 2012

The Unheavenly Chorus: Unequal Political Voice and the Broken Promise of American Democracy By Kay Lehman Schlozman, Sidney Verba, and Henry E. Brady (Princeton University Press, 693 pp., $35) Oligarchy By Jeffrey A. Winters (Cambridge University Press, 323 pp., $29.99) The MoveOn Effect: The Unexpected Transformation of American Political Advocacy By David Karpf (Oxford University Press, 237 pp., $27.95)   THIS IS A SEASON of political anxiety, and the source of that unease is not only the election and looming economic uncertainties.

The Operator
April 20, 2012

Before 2013 begins, catch up on the best of 2012. From now until the New Year, we will be re-posting some of The New Republic’s most thought-provoking pieces of the year. Enjoy. In early 2010, Karl Rove convened a group of businessmen for lunch at a private club in Dallas. The guests included some of the richest and most influential people in Texas. T. Boone Pickens, the corporate raider from Amarillo, was there, as was Harlan Crow, the prodigal son of Trammell Crow, the most prominent real estate developer in the country in his day.

The Kochs And The Marketplace Of Ideas
May 10, 2011

The dismissal of the Koch brothers' absurd lawsuit against a satirist (who had created a fake news release purporting to be from the Kochs, endorsing legislation to fight climate change) highlights once more a defining aspect of their personality: they really don't like criticism. The mini-industry of conservatives and libertarians that has sprung up to defend the Kochs (against, to be sure, a mini industry of liberals assailing them) tells a story of the Kochs as shy, retiring intellectuals yearning only for high-level philosophical discussion in the free marketplace of ideas.

Why Does The Weekly Standard Hate Hippies So Much?
April 01, 2011

This week’s cover of The Weekly Standard features an image of Charles and David Koch being burned at the stake by a screaming liberal mob.

The Koch Brothers' Self-Exposé
March 28, 2011

The right-wing libertarian billionaires Charles and David Koch have been the subject of enormous controversy recently. Liberals have fiercely attacked them, and conservative and libertarians have defended them with equal passion. Now we have Matthew Continetti of the Weekly Standard joining in with an 8,000 word cover story. Continetti is the author of “The Persecution Of Sarah Palin,” and in this piece he reprises his role as ghost author for a popular conservative victim-hero.

A Conspiracy So Vast
March 04, 2011

My thoughts on the fuzzy line between libertarian principle and Koch self-interest has prompted John Goodman of the Koch-funded National Center for Policy Analysis to accuse me of promoting "conspiracy theories." The truth, writes Goodman, is that the Kochs do not care if the groups they fund toe the line: We have been recipients of Koch gifts. I would guess they total less than 1% of our income over 28 years of existence. More importantly, Koch giving has always been completely principled, as Charles Koch explained in the Wall Street Journal the other day.