Chris Orr

Comment Of The Day: It Didn't Have To Be This Way
July 29, 2008

In response to Chris Orr's post on McCain's newest web gimmick (which he might finally be able to see for himself), commenter boneill wondered when McCain became so snarky. In turn, blackton expressed disappointment in McCain's behavior on the trail: boneill, I agree. Just a few months ago I was thinking this might be a win win type election, but McCain has seriously gone off the rails. Is he running for President of Iraq or the US? At this point I am not sure since Iraq is all he talks about.'s Week In Review (5.30.08)
May 30, 2008

Even TNR's offices are not immune to veepstakes fever. It all started when John Judis put the "unity ticket" idea out to pasture. Soon, Jason Zengerle and Josh Patashnik were dishing on how the veep debate misses the mark, and frequent contributor Tucker Carlson was comparing the veepstakes to sex. Michael Crowley quickly dispensed with Nunn and Daschle, plonking himself down on permanent "Webb Watch"--where he noted Webb's conspicuous opposition to the death penalty and his G.I.'s Week In Review (5.16.08)
May 16, 2008

First, there was West Virginia. Michael Crowley parsed Hillary's thinking going into the primary, noting that West Virginia is the place Bill belongs. Hillary won, and Noam said the numbers vindicate John Judis. But Josh Patashnik thought losing in Indiana might have softened the blow--and Chris Orr thought Obama probably had something more in store. He did, of course. Chris was on to the John Edwards endorsement early, which Crowley declared risk-free for Edwards and mostly symbolic.

Libby's Legal Fees
July 03, 2007

Chris Orr knows nothing about the cost of legal work if he can even suggest for a moment that Scooter Libby will reap a profit from the $5 million collected by the Libby Defense Fund for his lawyers' fees.

The Fred Barnes Headline We've All Been Waiting For
March 19, 2007

"Bush Turns the Other Cheek." Barnes, as always, is happy to pucker. --Chris Orr