Chuck Grassley

The Maddening Illogic of the IRS 'Coverup' Conspiracy Theory
June 26, 2014

The IRS is supposedly engaged in a coverup...but nobody can quite say of what.

Deregulating Your Cake, and Eating It, Too
June 26, 2013

When the Supreme Court announced yesterday that it had eviscerated the Voting Rights Act, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley had an interesting reaction.

There's Nothing Wrong With Properly Politicizing a Tragedy
April 23, 2013

The unthinkable eventually happens. Why not exploit it?

Regulatory Rockstar
April 18, 2013

Elizabeth Warren is using her Senate seat to grill those who let the big banks off the hook.

Obama is Wrapping Himself in the Constitution. Finally.
February 08, 2013

Republicans thought they had a monopoly on Constitutional originalism. Not anymore.

Id of the Senate: How Twitter Unleashed Chuck Grassley
November 16, 2012

"Assume deer dead," and other greatest hits.

Why We Don't Catch Tax Cheats
June 20, 2012

Bloomberg has an absolutely infuriating story out today about a whistle-blower attempt to rein in an outfit called Alliantgroup, which helps companies score extremely aggressive (and, the whistle-blowers allege, illegal) tax credits. According to the piece: The firm also helps companies sidestep taxes, two former employees alleged in July 2009. In a 32-page submission filed with the Internal Revenue Service, along with internal e-mails and documents, they claimed Alliantgroup’s clients could owe the U.S. Treasury as much as $712.5 million in refunds over wrongly claimed tax credits.

Chuck Grassley Says Obama Is Stupid. Compared With. . . ?
April 09, 2012

Noted intellectual and Twitter phenomenon Chuck Grassley has found himself in a bit of a dust-up after calling President Obama “stupid” in a tweet over the weekend. The Republican Senator was referring to Obama’s comments about healthcare reform and the Supreme Court, but his rudeness raises a bigger question: When it comes to brains, how does the president stack up against his predecessors? A survey of presidential scholars gives some insight. In a survey of 238 experts conducted by Siena College, Obama was ranked eighth among all presidents in the intelligence category.

What Is ‘Political Intelligence’?
February 09, 2012

When I read this morning that a provision in the House ethics bill had been dropped that would have required members of the political intelligence industry to register with the federal government, I had one question. What’s the political intelligence industry? The bill in question, a version of which cleared the Senate last week 96-3 with the political intelligence requirement—sponsored by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa)—intact, would outlaw insider trading by members of Congress. Grassley wasn’t pleased.

The Bizarre Political Coalitions Forged By SOPA
January 19, 2012

For some of us at TNR, the most surprising aspect of yesterday’s Great Internet Blackout wasn’t the crushing recognition of just how often we head to Wikipedia—it was noticing the strange political bedfellows forged by SOPA, the House's Stop Internet Piracy Act, and its Senate analogue PIPA. In this hyper-partisan political climate, seeing Michele Bachmann on the same page as Nancy Pelosi, and Rupert Murdoch agree with avowed-liberal Patrick Leahy was unusual (and somewhat refreshing).