Climate Change

Republicans Are Attacking Climate Change Science by Comparing It to Religion
March 29, 2015

"I'm not a scientist" is no longer the go-to line.

What Ted Cruz's White House Science Fair Would Look Like
March 24, 2015

This igloo proves that global warming doesn't exist!

Florida's State Employees are Preparing for Climate Change, Even as Their Governor Bans the Phrase
March 22, 2015

State employees are thinking long-term even as their governor hamstrings them.

Fracking Is Good for American Consumers
But we still need to account for the environmental costs
March 20, 2015

But we still need to account for the environmental costs.

McConnell Is Now Going Outside of the Senate to Obstruct Obama
March 20, 2015

His new plan is to get states to thwart the EPA for him. 

Don't Expect the GOP to Stop Denying Science Anytime Soon
March 18, 2015

Obama is optimistic that Republicans will come around on the climate. Don't be so sure. 

House Republicans Use "Energy Independence" as an Excuse to Slash Climate Funds
March 17, 2015

Republicans want to undo what little progress the U.S. has made on climate change.

What Climate Change Looks Like for a Vulnerable Nation: "The Future Has Been Shattered"
March 16, 2015

International aid helps more before an entire island nation is flattened.

Space Scientists Tell Ted Cruz Why He Should Care About Earth
March 13, 2015

Ted Cruz wants NASA to focus less on the Earth.