Climate Change

Conservatives Blame California's Drought on Environmentalists
And want the government to spend billions to solve it
April 23, 2015

What are they even thinking?

Why Are Climate Change Docs So Boring? Because It Works.
April 21, 2015

Climate change has all the raw ingredients of our most terrifying post-apocalyptic nightmares. So why are so many climate change films hit or miss?

Five Years After the Deepwater Horizon Disaster, Is Offshore Drilling Any Safer?
April 19, 2015

The oil industry is painting a cheery narrative of the years since the Deepwater Horizon disaster to encourage the Obama administration to go even further in opening up the ocean for drilling.

Two Ways Clinton Can Make Voters Care About Climate Change
April 16, 2015

Climate change doesn't have to be an afterthought.

Republicans Understand Climate Change, But Only Behind Closed Doors
April 15, 2015

A side of politics you don't normally hear about.

One of Obama's Biggest Climate Change Obstacles Is His Own Administration
April 14, 2015

How can the administration lead by example when the Department of Interior is responsible for nearly a quarter of all U.S. emissions?

Climate Change Denier Marco Rubio Chose a Drowning City to Announce His Presidential Bid
April 13, 2015

He couldn't have picked a better spot to showcase his climate change denial. 

2015 Is the Year the GOP's "War on Coal" Nightmares Come True
We'll see the largest wave of coal plants retiring in U.S. history
April 10, 2015

Prepare for the largest wave of coal-plant shutdowns in U.S. history.

Hillary Clinton Can't Coast on Her Belief in Climate Science
April 10, 2015

Just because the GOP field is full of deniers doesn't mean she can be vague about her environmental policies.