Climate Change

The Supreme Court's New EPA Case Has More to Do With Climate Change Than You Think
November 26, 2014

How mercury regulations will help determine the level of greenhouse gases.

Andrew Cuomo Just Made a Huge Mistake by Playing Dumb on Climate Change
November 24, 2014

The Democratic governor must not be running for president after all.

Poll: Two-Thirds of Americans Support an Environmental Policy That Republicans Hate
November 19, 2014

The GOP's War on the EPA is a war on public opinion, too.

Mitch "I'm Not a Scientist" McConnell Suddenly Believes in Science
November 18, 2014

The Senate's top Republican will make an exception when it comes to oil.

Keystone XL Heads to a Senate Vote, Despite Irrelevance
November 18, 2014

It's irrelevant, but the Senate doesn't seem to care.

This Mesmerizing NASA Video Shows How Carbon Pollution Spreads Across the Planet
November 17, 2014

It will make you very, very afraid for Earth and her inhabitants.

Obama Puts Australia's Climate-Denying Prime Minister on the Spot
G-20 host Tony Abbott just had an awkward weekend
November 16, 2014

G-20 host Tony Abbott just had an awkward weekend.