No Exit
October 05, 2009

The never-ending lunacy of Betsy McCaughey.

Democrats Are Not The Real Threat To Medicare
September 09, 2009

Republicans have a message for America’s senior citizens: President Barack Obama and the Democrats want to take away your health care. And if the polls are right, America’s seniors believe it. For a while now, people over 65 have been skeptical about Democratic reforms. Although the skepticism reflects some broader political feelings--seniors have always been a tough political audience for Obama--it also reflects a seemingly fair judgment about the policies Obama has put forward.

Did Holder Have a Choice?
August 25, 2009

Marc Ambinder makes a smart point about Eric Holder's decision to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate CIA interrogators: There was so much information in the public domain--and so much information that would eventually be released--that the attorney general could no longer argue that no specific instances of lawbreaking had been brought to his attention.

The Siren Song Of Bob Dole Is Heard Again
August 14, 2009

In 1993 and 1994, Bob Dole masterfully used the chimera of bipartisanship to defeat health care reform. While opposing President Clinton's reform plan, he co-sponsored his own alternative that he used to paint Clinton as too liberal. When Clinton's planfinally died, Dole renounced support for his own plan, so that nothing at all happened. Then Republicans took control of Congress and made no effort whatsoever to reform health care. Now Dole's at it again! Here he is in today's Washington Post: "Maybe we can't solve it all this year.

Mine Enemies Make Me Wiser
August 12, 2009

The verse is from Psalms 119, that is, King David, poet and hero. Robert Malley and Hussein Agha are (let me just to be polite say "adversaries" instead of) enemies of Israel. That is why they are so welcome in the New York Review of Books and, of course, on the op-ed page of the New York Times where their latest missive, "The Two-State Solution Doesn't Solve Anything," appeared on Tuesday. (The same piece was published simultaneously in the Guardian, the closest thing to a pro-jihadist publication in ordinary journalism.) While fronting as an academic at St.

Another Question For Hillary In Congo
August 11, 2009

Everyone will spend the day fixating on Hillary's moment of annoyance in Congo yesterday (it's the 'wood' of today's New York Post, of course), which ultimately seems to have been prompted by a mistranslation. But wouldn't it be nice if the media devoted just a little bandwidth to another question that Clinton got at the same forum? "You mentioned in your speech about mechanisms of transparency. Do you think our leaders, the Congolese leaders, really want to put these mechanisms into place?

Obama Deranges Terrified Citizens
August 09, 2009

Ed Kilgore is managing editor of The Democratic Strategist, a senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute, and a frequent contributor to a variety of political journals.   Of all the back-and-forth recriminations about this week's shriekfests at congressional "town hall meetings," the most maddening is that offered on Friday by the oh-so-eloquent wordsmith Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal. According to Noonan, arrogant Democrats are insisting on health care reform despite its obvious absurdity at a time like this, thereby "terrifying" citizens into protests against the outrage.

Tnrtv: Is China Finally Sticking It To North Korea?
August 02, 2009

Ambassador Wendy Sherman, Vice Chair of the Albright Stonebridge Group and the former North Korea policy coordinator under President Clinton, defends the strategy Beijing has recently adopted towards Pyongyang. --Ben Eisler Check out the latest on TNRtv: Eisler: When Lawmaking Gets Bloody Scheiber: Why The Press Corp Is Wrong On Health Reform Johnson: Why Another Six Billion's Going To The Automobile Industry

Richard A. Clarke, Ex-liberal Hero, And The Reality Of Counter-terrorist War
July 18, 2009

Richard A Clarke came from inside--high-inside--American intelligence. And he was against the Iraq war. It was enough to make him a liberal hero. But in his testimony to (and around) the 9/11 commission he was also critical, devastatingly so, about how the White House under both President Clinton and President Bush had been so pre-occupied with other matters that they'd left the war against terrorism which we needed direly more or less neglected. We know that Clinton barely functioned as president in his second term, and we all know why.

Washington Diarist
July 15, 2009

On a rainy day in 1993, I sat with my parents at the opening ceremonies of the Holocaust Museum and heard President Clinton, who was doing nothing to stop the genocide in Bosnia, suggest that the genocide in Bosnia must be stopped, because never again can we allow genocide to occur. My mother laconically whispered that "he talks about Bosnia as if he is somebody else." I was reminded of her distinction between the president and the rest of us when I read a piece on this magazine's website by my haver Michael Walzer, who made the same distinction but for the opposite end.