Congress Is Running out of Time to Pass These Necessary Bills
July 29, 2014

The two sides have actually made some progress on two big issues, but the toughest one still remains.

Congress Is Almost as Dysfunctional as Ever
It's unable to address these three big issues
July 24, 2014

The August recess starts soon and Congress is still trying to combat two scandals and prevent another.

Congress Can't Stop Obama's Coal Regulations at Home, So It's Helping Dirty Plants Abroad
July 07, 2014

Two bills before Congress would reinforce America's role as one of the world's biggest public financers of coal.

QEDaily: Fixing Our Roads Shouldn't Be This Hard
July 02, 2014

Congress needs to pass an infrastructure bill. So far, it's not looking very good.

The VA Reform Legislation Is a "Trojan Horse" for Privatization
It would do more harm than good
June 13, 2014

It would do more harm than good.

The Congressional Black Caucus Is at War With Itself Over Wall Street
Has "the conscience of Congress" sold out to big banks?
May 27, 2014

Has "the conscience of Congress" sold out to the Big Banks? That's what some members fear.

Rand Paul Can Do Some Useful Things in the Senate. Let's Just Hope He Stays There.
May 13, 2014

Crazy? Yes. Dangerous? Not if he remains in the legislative branch.

The Most Frightening Result of the Great Recession: Jobless Americans Who Have Given Up
March 20, 2014

Congress could do something about it, but of course it's not.

Gun Control's Next Chapter Is All About Background Checks
February 28, 2014

Gun activists prep for another fight over background checks.

Washington Is Suffering from a Naive Nostalgia for Old-School Political Bosses
The retiring Congressional stars show how much Washington needs free agents
February 27, 2014

Three retiring Capitol Hill superstars show that we need free agents, not just strong parties.