Why CVS Is Halting Tobacco Sales, in Three Charts
February 05, 2014

Demand for cigarettes is declining, while demand for in-store medical services is booming. 

My Debate Prep Regimen
October 02, 2012

You've read about how the candidates and moderators prepare for the debates. No less rigorous is my regimen to prepare for watching them on the tube.

The Very Low Expectations of Gay Republicans
August 28, 2012

If you are a conservative and gay, the best you can hope for from from your fellow Republicans is that they don’t mention social issues at all.

The Blogging of American Pop
September 06, 2004

Johnny Mercer, one of the master artisans of pre-rock popular music, was driving with some friends to the Newport Jazz Festival one summer in the early 1960s when a Chuck Berry song came on the radio. Mercer listened closely and grinned, as one of his car mates, the film-maker Jean Bach, recalls. Soon he was singing along, beaming. Mercer leaned his face into the rushing air and slapped out the beat of the song on the side of the car that Bach's husband had rented for the weekend--a big red convertible, ideally suited to the moment.