For Richer and Poorer
Teaching the humanities to everyone
February 16, 2013

New curriculum guidelines mandate more technical, non-fiction texts than ever before. What will happen to the humanities in schools?

The Vague Promise of Obama's Ambitious Preschool Plan
February 15, 2013

His proposal raises legitimate questions, but studies show it stands a chance.

Education is the Work of Teachers, not Hackers
December 21, 2012

WHEN I LOOK BACK at my education, I am struck not by how much I learned but by how much I was taught. I am the progeny of teachers; I swoon over teachers.

How Charter Schools Fleece Taxpayers
November 20, 2012

Charter schools turn out to be an excellent way to skim off public funds without going to jail.

Law School Confidential—How to Fix Legal Education
November 20, 2012

It might be time not just to rely on law schools to change themselves, but to encourage or even require them to change.

Can the Chicago Teachers’ Strike Fix Democratic Education Reform?
September 14, 2012

When it comes to education, Democrats like Rahm Emanuel are as anti-union as Republicans. That's bad for teachers, and bad for students.

Minding the Metro Education Gap
August 29, 2012

For the first time since World War II, there are fewer jobs three years after the end of a recession than before it began. Our new Brookings report suggests that most of this flat recovery can be attributed to severe losses in housing wealth and jobs in industries such as manufacturing and construction. Yet education--especially the balance between the demand and supply of educated workers--is the most important factor explaining long-run unemployment in metropolitan and national labor markets. First, consider the short-run picture.

Requiem for a Failed Education Policy: The Long Slow Death of No Child Left Behind
July 13, 2012

Eleven years ago, I moved to Washington, D.C. to work on education. The liberal think tank that hired me focused on state issues, so I had nothing to do with the project that was consuming D.C. wonks at the time: a once-a-decade reauthorization of the mammoth federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act that would become the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

How the GOP’s New Education Policy Embraces the Market and Abandons Objective Standards
July 09, 2012

We all got a good laugh at the recent befuddlement (reported at TNR by Amy Sullivan) of a conservative Republican legislator from Louisiana who withdrew her support from Gov. Bobby Jindal’s school voucher program when she realized that its open door to public support for religious schools was not limited to those catering to Christians. But the underlying principle of Jindal’s initiative—and arguably of Mitt Romney’s little-discussed proposal to convert the bulk of federal K-12 education dollars into vouchers—is no laughing matter.

Romney's Anti-Bush Education Policies
May 25, 2012

Convention requires presidential candidates to issue policy statements on all major policy areas. So while Mitt Romney’s election strategy centers on exploiting the weak economy, on Wednesday he checked the “education” box. But while the candidate’s mind may be focused on other things, Romney’s speech, and the corresponding white paper, deserve attention. Romney chose to frame his education agenda as a critique of President Obama and teachers unions, but it’s actually something much more interesting: an extended argument with George W. Bush.