Fred Hiatt

Full Disclosure: Praise For Fred Hiatt
June 19, 2012

Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt has come in for his share of criticism over here at TNR, so it’s only fair to note when he hits one right on the mark, as he did with his latest column, on what is emerging as one of the top stories of the 2012 campaign: the demise of disclosure. Not so long ago, conservatives arguing against campaign finance contribution limits offered a deal that was, Hiatt notes, rather seductive: let everyone give whatever they want, but put it all out on the table.

The Pathologies Of The Anti-Deficit Lobby
July 11, 2011

The anti-deficit lobby is a powerful force in American political life.

Pawlenty's Climate Skepticism
April 18, 2011

The scientific consensus on climate change keeps getting stronger, but Republicans keep getting less and less certain about the science.

Is Obama A Cost-Containment Wimp?
March 01, 2010

Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt devotes most of his column today to showing that President Obama cares a lot about covering the uninsured. He then lands at the conclusion that this goes to show Obama doesn't really care about controlling costs: In helping to shape and reshape the bill, Obama has stayed true to the goal of improving access. But his new entitlement is "paid for" by wishing away costs and wishing into the future taxes and unpopular reforms that he can't bring himself to embrace now. This is an odd accusation for several reasons.

Foer, He's A Jolly Good Fellow
February 18, 2010

The Daily Beast's list of the top 25 most influential liberal journalists is one of those horrible buzz-driven contrivances that have multiplied on the internet. This particular one, written by conservative journalist Tunku Varadarajan, is mostly an exercise on passive-aggression and incomprehension of its subjects. (I'm "emotional" on taxes. Fred Hiatt is "a traditional liberal in all matters domestic." It's very strange.) There is, however, one figure that the list gets right.

In Defense Of GOP Obstructionism
February 02, 2010

Since the State of the Union address, especially his back-and-forth with House Republicans, President Obama has focused a great deal of attention on Republican obstructionism. These two posts from Jim Fallows have gotten some attention, including from me. But the topic needs to be considered with a bit more precision. First, a great deal of Republican opposition stems from simple ideological disagreement.

Peter Orszag Brings The Pain, Nerd-Style
October 26, 2009

Washington Post opinion page editor Fred Hiatt frets that health care reform will likely be counterproductive. Hiatt argues that Congress is afraid to do the two most potentially effective reforms, changing the tax treatment of health care and creating an independent panel to control Medicare spending: From the start, the Obama administration has said that health-care reform has to make health care both more accessible and less costly .

Yup, Obama Opening Door On Exclusion
July 23, 2009

From his interview with Fred Hiatt, in the Washington Post: Hiatt: Okay.

Mccain And His Allies
October 13, 2008

In an op-ed, Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt, renown for putting his newspaper behind the Bush administration’s plans to invade Iraq, gently chides John McCain for running an ugly campaign against Barack Obama. But Hiatt lets McCain off the hook by insinuating that he was driven to do so by Obama’s equally reprehensible tactics. Hiatt writes, “I'm sure, in the crazed intensity of a presidential campaign, it's easy to start believing your consultants and television ads--believing that the other guy is dangerous and that only you can save the country.

Is Obama Making A Town Hall Mistake?
August 04, 2008

Even though it's pretty clearly not going to happen, Fred Hiatt argues that Obama should agree to those town hall debates with McCain. Moments like this make me think it's not as crazy an idea as Noam believes; I don't want to be ageist but this is not the first time McCain has been less than quick on his feet in this campaign. (Remember the Viagra stumper?) What's more, I think that when face-to-face with Obama McCain will be hard-pressed to keep up his snark about Britney, The One, etc.