George W. Bush

Who's the Real Deporter-In-Chief: Bush or Obama?
April 17, 2014

It's harder to adjudicate than you think. 

The GOP's Jeb Bush Flirtation Is a Big Rebuke of the GOP
April 14, 2014

It's almost like his establishment backers think a guy who's been out of office for seven years is more attractive than all the supposed rock stars the party has in place today...

Texas Republicans Keep Moving Right
March 06, 2014

Dewhurst loses, Abbott wins, and the Texas GOP keeps moving right.

I Was With President Obama When He First Visited George W. Bush
November 22, 2013

An unscripted meeting gave me a surprising take on the 43rd president 

Jeb Bush: I'm Too Poor to Run for President!
November 17, 2013

Want to understand the disconnect between the rich and everyone else? Read about how an heir to a dynasty worried he'd impoverished his family by serving as governor of a large state.

George W. Bush: Bad President, Great Painter
August 28, 2013

The votes are in, and it’s official: Denizens of the Internet love that George W. Bush paints, particularly since the paintings he paints appear to be rather good paintings.

Why the Democrats Still Need Working-Class White Voters
June 05, 2013

For all the excitement about left-leaning demographics, a real majority party needs better numbers among blue-collar whites.

It's the Technocratic Arrogance, Stupid
May 16, 2013

Obama isn't Bush or Nixon. He's in hot water for behaving too much like Woodrow Wilson.

Barack Obama Revived George Bush's Popularity (But Not for the Reason You Think)
April 25, 2013

By doing things like ending the Iraq war, Obama closed the book on those topics that reminded people why they hated his predecessor.

In Defense of Polarizing Politicians
April 12, 2013

Barack Obama's critics—and many of his supporters—assume a leader who polarizes the population has failed. Margaret Thatcher's many eulogists do not share that view.