The Real Drama of 'Girls' Has Never Been About Hannah
January 25, 2015

Previous sitcoms presented full formed characters, but "Girls" has always been more interested in the in-between states.

'Girls' Season 4: New Location, Same Stunted Characters
January 10, 2015

What will the Iowa Writers' Workshop do to Hannah?

Callow, Grating, and Glib: The First-Person Fodder of Lena Dunham Inc.
November 06, 2014

"Psycho-Twaddle, Affirmational Platitudes, and Show-Offy Candor"

'Twin Peaks' and the Origin of the Dead Woman TV Trope
April 10, 2014

On the twenty-fifth anniversary of "Twin Peaks"'s premiere, what does it reveal about our ongoing fascination with a dead girl's body? 

TV's Boring Obsession With Accidental Viral Video Stars
February 03, 2014

Last week ABC announced that it had picked up a particularly depressing new comedy pilot: “Selfie,” a series inspired by My Fair Lady that, according to ABC, “tells the story of a self-obsessed 20-something woman who is more concerned with ‘likes’ th

Meet the Actress Behind the Most Fascinating, Frightening New Character on "Girls"
January 19, 2014

Guess what part of tonight's Girls was inspired by Claire Danes.

HBO's 'Looking' Isn't 'Girls' For Gay Men, But It Is The First Truly Post-DOMA Show
January 15, 2014

Finally, a TV show that insists on making gay life mundane.

'Girls' Has Grown Up—And Isn't As Funny
January 09, 2014

This season of "Girls" can feel less Lena Dunham than Larry David.

Michael Bloomberg Wants Tweens to Feel Pretty? He Should Start With Bloomberg TV's Anchors.
October 03, 2013

In what may be one of his last hurrahs as mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg on Monday unveiled a campaign that aims to bolster young girls’ self-esteem by telling them they’re beautiful the way they are.

Moderate Chic: That Party of Lena’s
August 07, 2013

Despite the unseasonably kind weather, the palms were turning brown and the hanging petunias were crying out in thirst last night on the terrace at Chelsea's Maritime Hotel.