A Texas Newspaper Takes Aim at Wendy Davis's Cinderella Story—and Spins the Facts, Too
January 20, 2014

Wendy Davis got a few dates wrong, but it doesn't diminish her extraordinary story.

Wendy Davis Waits to Decide About Governor—And the Pressure Builds
August 30, 2013

On Thursday, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis sent out word that she would not be announcing any plans for her political future before Labor Day, as she had originally promised, because her father is in the hospital.

It Sure Looks Like Wendy Davis Is Running for Governor
August 05, 2013

Addressing the National Press Club in its wood-paneled ballroom on Monday, Texas state Senator Wendy Davis fended off the same question before she even started her speech, the moment she finished it, and (disguised in different wording) at regular in

Texas's Next Governor Can't Wait to Fight Eric Holder
July 26, 2013

When Attorney General Eric Holder announced Thursday that he will try to restore the Justice Department’s authority to review voting laws in Texas, the move was cheered by Democrats—and especially minority voters—who feared disenfranchisement after t

Meet the Next Gun-Loving Governor of Texas
July 16, 2013

When Rick Perry, who has been the governor of Texas for over a decade, announced last week that he wouldn’t run again, he set off a flurry of speculation about who would replace him next year.

Huckabee on Palin "I'm Not Nearly As Attractive"
November 09, 2009

Huck gets a little peevish in Ben Smith's new story, suggesting the former Alaska governor is taken more seriously than him because she's... easy on the eyes.

Innovative Ideas, Meet Hackneyed Battle Lines
November 05, 2009

The day before President Obama spoke in Madison, Wisconsin, about the pressing need to improve America's teachers, a report was released on the same topic at a conference in Washington's swanky Capitol Hilton. The task force that wrote the report was chaired by Minnesota Governor (and rumored 2012 presidential candidate) Tim Pawlenty and included such education policy heavyweights as New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein and D.C. Chancellor Michelle Rhee.

Pawlenty Walks Back Criticism of Snowe
November 04, 2009

Minnesota governor and potential 2012 presidential nominee Tim Pawlenty made headlines yesterday when he criticized fellow Republican Olympia Snowe for her "deviations" from conservative GOP orthodoxy, and refused to say whether or not he was happy that she was a Republican. Snowe shot back at Pawlenty today, telling Politico, “I've been a lifelong Republican -- I haven't changed, I don't know what the problem is -- I really don't. I know Gov.

A Silver Lining in New Jersey and New York City
November 04, 2009

Here's one silver lining on an otherwise disappointing night: When taken together, the results from New Jersey and New York City can be read as a repudiation of the rich man’s politics practiced by Jon Corzine and Michael Bloomberg--both of whom used personal fortunes to launch themselves into the political arena, and both of whom were trying to buy an election for the third time in the past decade. I will admit that I was holding my nose and hoping that Corzine would win tonight, just as I have held my nose and hoped for him to win past general elections.

Mixed Messages
November 04, 2009

Republicans are proclaiming victory after their candidates won statehouses in New Jersey and Virginia. And well they should. These were both states that went for Barack Obama in 2008. But how much do these elections really say about Obama and the prospects of the national Democratic Party? Some network commentators, citing suspiciously high approval ratings for Obama in New Jersey and Virginia, claim the elections say nothing at all about the president and his party.