Kevin Mahnken

Orrin Hatch Is Third in Line to the Presidency!
It's time to amend the Constitution
January 15, 2015

It's time to amend the Constitution.

What Hillary Clinton's Potential Opponents Are Thinking
June 29, 2014

A breakdown of Hillary Clinton's potential primary opponents.

The Most Interesting Dynasty in American Politics Today
The Ricketts clan has clashing passions—and designs on greater power
June 29, 2014

They’re not the obvious pick, but the most interesting dynasty in U.S. politics right now might be the Ricketts.

5 Companies That Were Fined Heavily for False Advertising
It's Not Just Snapchat*
June 19, 2014

It's not just Snapchat.

All Over But the Shouting
The campaign against Mozilla's CEO was the height of intolerance
April 04, 2014

Why is it now insufficient to debate our adversaries and coexist with them? Why must we now shame, censure, silence? 

U.S. Senators: Where Are They Now?
March 23, 2014

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Scott Brown May Win His Senate Race. But President? Please.
March 16, 2014

The former Massachusetts senator has all but declared his Senate candidacy—and hinted he yearns for higher office.

House of Nerds
The smartest member of Congress is retiring. Who inherits his title?
February 24, 2014

Candidates to succeed Rep. Rush Holt—the Jeopardy champ and PhD in nuclear physics—atop the House of Nerds

Red States' Legally Dubious Strategy to Destroy Obamacare
Nullification by any other name...
January 28, 2014

In states with dreadful health outcomes, they're spending a lot of energy trying to keep people from signing up for health care

The Best State of the Union Addresses, Ever
Historians weigh in with their top choices
January 26, 2014

When President Barack Obama delivers his sixth State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday, he is expected to address ways of combatting economic inequality, as well as reforming immigration and the NSA.