New Exhibit at the Guggenheim Is a Romper Room on Steroids
February 24, 2014

What happens to an art movement dedicated to perpetual movement when the world eventually moves on?

Spectacle for Spectacle's Sake
James Turrell and the circus at the Guggenheim
July 10, 2013

Turrell is a minor poet with the ambitions of a megalomaniac.

The Neutralization of Chinese Art
The 'accepted rebels' at the Venice Biennale
June 24, 2013

Just how much artistic freedom does China allow?

The Year in Art: The Best Exhibits of 2012
December 27, 2012

Writing about his obsession with art books in a wonderful little volume published this year—Phantoms on the Bookshelves—Jacques Bonnet says that “Images send you on to other images, artists to other artists, periods come one after another or echo each other, all with their cargo of art works.” And so it is when I think back on remarkable art experienced in the year just past.

The Hirshhorn Bubble Exposes the Problem with Event Art
November 20, 2012

The Hirshhorn wants to get into the spectacle game. It should stay on the sidelines instead.

Stripped to Two Colors, Picasso is at His Best
October 29, 2012

"Picasso Black and White" at the Guggenheim is a landmark exhibition.

A Los Angeles Art Museum Commits Suicide
July 24, 2012

The crackup at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles—with glitz-blitz director Jeffrey Deitch on the ropes and famous artists resigning from the board as fast as you can say John-Baldessari-Barbara-Kruger-Ed-Ruscha—is a fascination.

Home News: TNR and Magazine Awards Season
May 07, 2012

Dear TNR Reader, Over the last few months, TNR and its authors have been nominated for a number of awards, which I wanted to let you know about. Last month, we found out that TNR was a finalist for a National Magazine Award in General Excellence in the Thought Leader Magazine category. Although we didn’t end up winning when the awards were announced last week, it was a true honor for everyone associated with the magazine to be a finalist. (You can see the full list of nominees here.)  Two editors in TNR’s literary section have recently received recognition as well.

One Year Later: The Failure of the Arab Spring
January 24, 2012

I. A year has passed since liberal America and the liberal opinion class, in particular, went ecstatic over the Arab debut into the modern world. I know that my standing in that class is suspect. So, being a bit flummoxed myself by the not altogether dissimilar developments in the vast expanse from the Maghreb to Mesopotamia, I conquered my doubts and made a slight stab for hope. But I quickly realized that I was wrong and left the celebration.

Gray Paintings For Our Gray Era
December 21, 2011

These are not bright times. We see the world in shades of gray. So gallerygoers may be especially interested in artists who work in mixtures of black and white—in what for centuries has been known as grisaille. Of course, I’m not so sure that gray times inspire a taste for gray paintings. Formal values are not necessarily so closely related to social experience. And yet the thought has crossed my mind as I contemplate “Grisaille,” a group show currently at Luxembourg and Dayan in New York.