Hosni Mubarak

Egypt's Rulers Are About to Make the Same Mistake Morsi Did
August 29, 2013

Are Egypt’s current rulers making the same mistake as their Muslim Brotherhood predecessors of pushing through a constitution that will alienate their allies and agitate their opponents?

The Newest Victims of the Egyptian Crackdown
August 28, 2013

Under former President Hosni Mubarak, Egyptians used to say outspoken political dissidents would end up going “behind the sun”—a euphemism that meant you would find yourself in the hands of the State Security Services, and may not find your way back

Amnesia Breaks Out in Egypt
July 16, 2013

If there is one underappreciated aspect of the chaos in Egypt, it is the startling amnesia with which the country's majority has greeted this month's coup.

Banksy on the Nile: Graffiti Art from the Egyptian Revolution
July 15, 2013

Egypt has recently seen a street-art movement of unprecedented vitality.

Is Egypt's Political Rift Beyond Repair?
December 12, 2012

Last night, the scene in front of Rabaa Al-Adawiya mosque in Cairo's Nasr City felt like an enormous Islamist block party. A six-lane boulevard had been shut down and was crammed with thousands of bodies supporting President Mohammed Morsi. They waved Egyptian flags with religious slogans like “There is no God but God and Mohammed is his messenger,” while eating popcorn and drinking tea. The pro-government protesters had erected a stage, and when I got there as the sun set, the loudspeakers were blaring.

Understanding Mohamed Morsi
December 07, 2012

ON A SULTRY MORNING in late September, I drove for two hours on the traffic-choked roads north of Cairo to Al Adwa, a Nile Delta town of dusty alleyways, mosques, and crumbling red brick houses. This is where Mohamed Morsi, the president of Egypt, was raised. Morsi left nearly four decades ago, but he returns regularly to visit his younger brothers, who still work the family farm, and to celebrate Islamic holidays.

How a Salafi Preacher Came for my Soul
October 05, 2012

The far-reaching ambitions of Egypt’s rising Islamists.

Reports of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated
May 28, 2012

In the run-up to the first round of Egypt’s presidential elections, which concluded on Thursday, the Muslim Brotherhood’s downfall was widely anticipated.

The American Media Gets an Egyptian Presidential Candidate All Wrong
May 03, 2012

Egyptian presidential candidate Abdel Monem Abouel Fotouh was a leading force in the militant Islamist student movements of the 1970s; one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s point men for aiding the mujahideen in Afghanistan during the 1980s; and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Office for twenty-two years.