House GOP

House Republicans Use "Energy Independence" as an Excuse to Slash Climate Funds
March 17, 2015

Republicans want to undo what little progress the U.S. has made on climate change.

The House GOP Embarrassed Itself Thursday
August 01, 2014

Boehner and Co. were determined to prove to America that they could actually govern. Thanks to Ted Cruz, they proved the opposite.

The House GOP Wants to Throw a Temper Tantrum, and Boehner Can't Stop Them
September 27, 2013

Here’s the question to ask yourself while watching the government shutdown/debt-limit insanity play out these next few days: Is the congressional GOP a global menace, bent on destruction of an epic scale, or merely a goofy, intermittently-competent-a

Obstructing Obama Isn't in the House GOP's Self-Interest
July 30, 2013

When we last left the House Republicans, they were balking at bipartisan immigration reform while laboring to cut domestic spending to Neanderthal levels, not merely the Eisenhower-era levels of the sequester.

'The Priorities ... Are Upside Down'
February 17, 2011

The spending cuts House Republicans want to pass are too numerous for me to catalog.

Why I'm Hopeful On Health Care
February 01, 2010

Have you read Jonathan Not Me's latest take on where health care stands? If not, go read it right now and then come back. Okay, so you've read it. Now let me chime in with a few thoughts of my own. Most of the coverage you've seen elsewhere -- this L.A. Times article offers a notable exception -- has offered a more dire take than the two Jonathans'. Here's why I think most of those prognoses are too grim. First, as I've been saying, the fundamentals have not really changed since the Massachusetts election.

The Uneasy Marriage Between Tea Partiers and the GOP
January 14, 2010

Recent polls show their movement is thought of more favorably by Americans than either the Democratic or Republican Parties. Political independents are said to be attracted more each day. Progressive dissenters against the “pro-corporate” policies of the Obama administration pine for alliances with them. But at the same time, Republican politicians constantly ape their rhetoric and seek to deploy them against their Democratic, and sometimes intraparty, enemies. So the question persists: Is the Tea Party Movement an independent “third force” in American politics?