Why Do Terrorists Love Toyota Tacomas?
September 25, 2015

The beloved truck shows up often in the worst places. What gives? 

At War in the Garden of Eden
August 10, 2015

Christian militia and ISIS invaders fight for Iraq’s Nineveh Plains.

ISIS' Toughest Enemy Should Be Taken Off America's Terrorist List
June 18, 2015

The Kurdish People’s Protection Forces aren't quite terrorists.

Is the Islamic State Actually a State? No, But Letting It Say So Is Dangerous.
June 08, 2015

Most of the focus has been on whether the Islamic State lives up to the first half of its name.

The Many Rebrandings of Rick Santorum
May 28, 2015

He portrays himself as a stubborn man of principle who also happens to be a foreign policy expert. But this isn’t really true.

No, ISIS' Attack on Palestinians Doesn't Expose a Double Standard on Israel
April 10, 2015

Staunch defenders of Israel claim there is—and thus, unwittingly compare the country's actions with the Islamic State's.

One Group Has Proven It Can Beat ISIS. So Why Isn't the U.S. Doing More to Help Them?
March 20, 2015

With the U.S. set to train thousands of Syrian rebels, the Kurds continue their calls for aid.

What the Islamic State's Destruction of Antiquities Means to Archaeologists
March 18, 2015

Priceless artifacts are being destroyed, but all is not lost. 

How Islamic Is the Islamic State? Not at All.
March 12, 2015

What The Atlantic magazine got wrong about ISIS.