Jason Chaffetz

A Gun-Carrying GOP Congressman Is Outraged a Man With a Concealed Gun Got Near Obama
October 01, 2014

People carrying concealed weapons aren't dangerous, right?

The Next Darrell Issa? The House Already Has Dozens!
August 08, 2013

Who will Republican leadership crown the next Darrell Issa?

Cheryl Mills’s Loyalty Problem
May 14, 2013

Why Hillary Clinton's right-hand woman might hurt more than help.

The Network
June 22, 2012

THERE WAS A TIME when it was no fun to be a Mormon in Washington. In 1903, Utah sent a Mormon named Reed Smoot to the U.S. Senate, prompting a series of hearings the following year to decide whether a Mormon should be even permitted to serve in the chamber. The trial had nothing to do with Smoot’s qualifications and everything to do with his strange-seeming faith, in particular its association with polygamy. “It is the Mormon Church that we intend to investigate,” thundered Senator Julius C.

Meet Trey Gowdy, Tea Party Politician and D.C.'s Most Unlikely Friend
July 06, 2011

A few weeks ago, in anticipation of the District’s budget being taken up by Congress, I joined D.C. autonomy activists at a small press conference tucked away in the back corridors of the U.S. Capitol. The District’s lone delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton, and its mayor, Vincent Gray, took the opportunity to rally representatives from various organizations to join in D.C’s most awkward annual ritual: attempting to beg, scold, or otherwise shame Congress into abstaining from attaching riders to the city’s budget.

Where Do I Sign?
January 16, 2010

On the assumption that a good idea—even one that’s 15 years old—can never be replicated enough, Washington conservatives are hard at work designing knockoffs of Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America. Three of them, in fact. The options so far: Republican Study Committee: On Wednesday, I reported that Republican Study Committee members have joined with movement conservative groups on a “solutions agenda,” to be released sometime in the coming year.

Bad News For Congressman Chaffetz
May 22, 2009

There's a tiny item in today's WaPo about what a costly failure those airport air-puffer screening machines have been. In addition to being slow and unreliable, the $150,000 electronic sniffers are forever getting "clogged" and "confused," requiring an additional $48,000 apiece in operating costs. So, after shelling out $30 million for 207 of the little suckers in 2004, the TSA stopped distributing them in 2006 and is now set to retire the ones still in use. What will take their place? More whole-body imaging machines of the sort that are already giving Utah freshman Rep.

Pimp My Rep
May 20, 2009

OMG! Have you seen Episode 7 of CNN.com’s “Freshman Year”? Unbelievable. First, Congressman Jason Chaffetz (you know, the Utah Republican living out of his office) totally slams Nancy Pelosi at his birthday party, laughing about how he shares a birthday with “all the ugly people”: the speaker, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, comedian Martin Short, and that creepy old guy who played Spock in the original “Star Trek.” Meanwhile, crunchy Colorado Dem Jared Polis gets to meet Bono (!), and they bond over how much they hate wearing ties. (Funny.