Jill Abramson

Why Jill Abramson Gave Her First Interview to Cosmo
It's not just because Joanna knows Jill
July 16, 2014

It's not just because Joanna knows Jill.

Jill Abramson's Firing Was About Gender. And Also Not About Gender.
Why we always ask the wrong questions about sexism
May 22, 2014

And so did her hiring, as well as most other parts of her tenure. Why we always ask the wrong question about sexism.

I Sort of Hope We Find Out That Jill Abramson Was Robbing the Cash Register
Trying to explain a singularly humiliating firing
May 14, 2014

Trying to explain a singularly humiliating firing.

A Q&A With Jill Abramson
The Times' top editor on mean bosses, liberal biases, and the demise of the Washington Post
August 19, 2013

The Times' top editor on Mean Bosses, Liberal Biases, and the Demise of the Washington Post

Who Should Buy the Paper?
The Sulzbergers say they’re not selling. But if they were...
August 19, 2013

"Evan Williams"—Nick Denton, owner of Gawker MediaDavid Paul Morris/Getty Images News “Evan Williams [who helped found Blogger and Twitter].

How to Build a Smarter Times, According to the Times’ Own Journalists
August 19, 2013

How to build a smarter Times, 
according to the Times’ own journalists

Nate Silver Is a One-Man Traffic Machine for the Times
November 06, 2012

Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight is drawing massive traffic to the New York Times. And he's not even a Timesman!

May 02, 2012

Here is Bill Clinton, reviewing The Passage Of Power, the fifth volume of Robert Caro's Lyndon Johnson biography, in the May 5 New York Times Book Review:  L.B.J., [Sargent] Shriver and other giants of the civil rights and anti­poverty movements ... believed government had an essential part to play in expanding civil rights and reducing poverty and inequality. It soon became clear that hearts needed to be changed, along with laws. Not just Congress, but the American people themselves needed to be got to.

Morning Reading Assignment
October 17, 2011

Many years ago, before she worked at the New York Times, I gave Jill Abramson what was possibly the worst career advice of her life. We were talking about people who were angling to become editor of the New York Times--I can't even remember who the contending parties were at that time--and I said: "Getting on the management track there is a terrible idea. All these people want to be the editor and only one of them can be. If you don't get the prize then you've wasted your life.

Clarence Thomas And Alger Hiss
October 22, 2010

When Anita Hill came forward during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings to accuse him of sexual harrassment, it created a stark partisan divide. Democrats and liberals believed her, and held up her experience as a common example of women demeaned in the workplace and then smeared as liars if they dared report their experience. Republicans and conservatives furiously disagreed, seeing Hill's claim as a sexual witch-hunt and a plot by liberals who couldn't stand to let a black conservative ascend to such a high position. I remember very clearly having withheld judgment.