Joan Didion

Please, Pinterest, Stop Telling Me How to Repurpose Mason Jars
DIY Culture, homemaking, and the end of expertise
August 04, 2013

Nouveau domesticity isn't just anti-feminist. 

Conservatism Is Dead
February 18, 2009

An intellectual autopsy of the movement.

A Lack Of Cerebral Activity
October 01, 2006

by David Greenberg Over at our sister blog, The Plank, Michael Crowley writes of stumbling across Joan Didion's resentment-filled 1996 putdown of Bob Woodward--her gibe that his are "books in which measurable cerebral activity is virtually absent"--inserted in a new copy of State of Denial. Didion's gratuitous insult, though apparently new to Mike, has in fact been parroted for years by people on the left whenever Woodward's reporting doesn't reach the politicized conclusions they would like it to. However horrendous as a president, George W.

Mourning in America
May 01, 2006

THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING By Joan Didion (Alfred A. Knopf, 227 pp., $23.95) THE BEST DAY THE WORST DAY: LIFE WITH JANE KENYON By Donald Hall (Houghton Mifflin, 258 pp., $23) It has long been a sociological truism that we live in a world with few meaningful public forms, social customs, or religious ceremonies. Yet it is only when we face such devastating events as the death of a loved one that we learn what such truisms mean in lived experience: at the time of our most desperate need, we find ourselves abandoned to our own devices.