Esther Breger
Assistant Editor

Paid Leave This Week: Moms Are More Likely Than Childless Women to Want A Top Corporate Job
October 02, 2015

Something is stopping women from reaching the C-suite, and it’s not kids.

Night One, With Trevor Noah
September 29, 2015

Trevor Noah spent his first night trying to reassure us that this was the same Daily Show we know and love.

Paid Leave This Week: Marco Rubio Unveils His Paid Family Leave Plan
September 25, 2015

Progressive activists are not impressed.

Paid Leave’s Champions This Week: Obama, Hilton Hotels, and Saudi Arabia
September 11, 2015

It's not all good news: 90% of countries have laws making it hard for women to work.

Stephen Colbert Isn't Re-Inventing Late Night—He's Just Doing It Better Than Anyone Else
September 09, 2015

On his first night as David Letterman's replacement, Colbert dropped his conservative persona but retained his dizzy sensibility.

Paid Leave This Week: Marissa Mayer's Bad Example for Yahoo Workers
September 04, 2015

The Yahoo CEO is leaning all the way in.

Hillary Clinton's Taste in TV Is So Uncool, It’s Charming
September 03, 2015

Close-reading the presidential candidate's pop-culture habits.

Paid Leave This Week: What It's Like to Have Cancer and a Baby While Working at Amazon
August 28, 2015

Plus: UPS for breastmilk, and new post-baby perks for management consultants.

Delete Yourself
August 25, 2015

Even Anonymous thinks this series gets it right.

Paid Leave This Week: 25 Percent of New Moms Return to Work After Just Two Weeks
August 21, 2015

This is what America's terrible parental leave policies actually mean for working-class women.