John Edwards

The Debate's Best Moment
January 16, 2008

I can't believe no one has mentioned what surely was the most hilarious moment from last night's debate. Tim Russert asked all the candidates about their greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses. To the latter half of the question, John Edwards responded: I sometimes have a very powerful emotional response to pain that I see around me.

Does Edwards Prefer Obama?
January 11, 2008

I do this with great trepidation, but I think I'm going to have to disagree with Dan Balz, who, wondering if/when John Edwards will drop out, writes: In a largely two-person race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, it's clear where Edwards's sentiments lie. If he can't be the nominee, he strongly prefers Obama to Clinton. If there were any doubt before, his performance in the Jan. 5 New Hampshire debate answered that question definitively.

What Her Victory Looked Like
January 09, 2008

MANCHESTER, NH-- For the reporters covering her campaign, the first clear sign that Hillary Clinton would win the New Hampshire primary came in the form of a beaming Terry McAuliffe. At roughly 10:30 Tuesday night, the former Democratic Party chairman and longtime Friend Of The Clintons appeared in the filing center where reporters had just hours earlier been prepared to type out Hillary's obituary to proclaim victory.

With Friends Like Edwards...
January 09, 2008

Who knows what exactly tipped the balance here in New Hampshire. But Clinton aides said Tuesday night they think Hillary's Saturday night debate performance was a key factor. And the highlight of that debate was this Hillary stemwinder in which she forcefully (too forcefully, some said) articulated her case for bringing change through experience. And that spiel came only after John Edwards unexpectedly and dramatically sided with Barack Obama against Hillary.

Hillary Clinton, Mastermind Of Gender Politics
January 09, 2008

Wow! What a night--we all got it wrong. Clinton supporters have been bemoaning their candidate as a victim of gender politics; turns out she's a mastermind of gender politics. Not only did she find her voice (or at least the heartstrings of women who don't like to see thugs like Rick Lazio and, er, John Edwards treat a lady mean) but she replaced the wax museum of former Clinton officials at her last speech with what looked like the overflow crowd of a Hannah Montana concert. I agree with Frank that her comeback is good for the process--who wants it to end so soon?

In Case You Haven't Been Compulsive...
January 08, 2008

With so much hot primary action to keep up on tonight, you may have missed these posts: *John B.

N.H. Speech Recap: John Edwards
January 08, 2008

When the discussion turns to John Edwards, the cable news pundits call him “angry” and a “class warrior.” But, in conceding his third-place showing, Edwards was more the “happy warrior” (as Franklin D. Roosevelt described Al Smith in 1924). Far from packing it in, Edwards delivered the latest, best version of his stump speech--an upbeat populist message that, if he’d delivered it several months earlier, might have appealed to a wider swath of the electorate.

How Edwards May Have Helped Hillary
January 08, 2008

One thought: if the tears do turn out to have mattered--and I have no idea how we'd ever prove it--how much blame/credit does John Edwards deserve? The guy came out and kicked hillary in the teeth for her show of emotion--going on at length about how the presidency's a tough job, how you have to be tough to do it, etc. It wouldn't shock me if that didn't go over very well, particularly among women. (And exit polls show a big Hillary advatange there.)

Dem Debate Insta-reaction
January 05, 2008

  Hillary was sharp-edged and a angry sounding at times tonight--most notably the Medusa look she blasted at John Edwards when he got Barack Obama's back and tarred her as a reactionary agent of the "status quo." But I think Hillary also showed off her great strength, which is a fluency in policy and a knack for specifics--for instance when she defended herself as a change agent by citing exact numbers of New Hampshire residents who benefit from health care expansions she championed.

Concession Speechapalooza
January 03, 2008

John Edwards didn't deign to mention Obama's name in his. Hillary, by contrast, mentioned Obama, Edwards, Dodd, Biden, and even Kucinich in hers. Edwards gave what was a shorter version of his basic stump speech, sticking to the same themes he's been hitting for the last year. Hillary, in hers, basically seemed to be trying to steal Obama's message--even going so far as to say this election is about getting new voters involved. I wonder how all those old ladies feel now. P.S. Is Madeleine Albright that popular?