John Oliver

John Oliver and Bill Nye Show the World How to Debate with Climate Change Deniers
May 12, 2014

Just don't do it. Because they're wrong. And John Oliver is so so right.

Some Advice for John Oliver: Stop Imitating 'The Daily Show'
April 28, 2014

The first episode of John Oliver's new HBO show aired last night, and it's ... exactly like "The Daily Show."

Watch John Oliver Skewer Cable News in His HBO Show's Debut
April 28, 2014

They've barely covered the ongoing Indian general elections at all.

John Oliver is Still an Outsider
And that's just what the increasingly insidery, decreasingly funny 'Daily Show' needs
June 06, 2013

As “The Daily Show” has become increasingly rooted in the umbrage of Jon Stewart, card-carrying member of the media elite, it has also become less funny. Goofy outsider John Oliver can change that.