Josh Marshall

A Bridge Too Far
September 09, 2008

Josh Marshall has a good summary of just how the Bridge to Nowhere was killed, and Palin's role--such as it was--in the process. If I may boil down Josh's summary a step farther: Palin was for the bridge until she realized that Washington wasn't going to foot enough of the bill. When it became clear Alaskans would have to  pony up big-time (only after Congress killed the earmark, "stopping" the bridge in the sense most Americans must understand it) she turned against it. So the lesson here flies in the face of everything this episode is supposed to say about Palin.

Obama Finally Does What He Has To
April 29, 2008

Like Josh Marshall, I've heard a lot of panic from Obama supporters over the last couple days. His denunciation of Rev. Wright today seems to be pretty much a bullseye. Why did he let the story hang out there so long without a response? I don't know, but I do see a pattern here: Throughout the campaign, Obama has made very good tactical moves, but he's made them slowly. Hillary Clinton, by contrast, has made a lot of mistakes, but she does grasp the 24-hour news cycle and she acts very quickly. --Jonathan Chait

Proof That Blogging Won't Ruin Journalism
February 19, 2008

The George Polk Awards are among the most prestigious in journalism. And this year's winners, announced today, for the first time include a blogger: Josh Marshall, of, for his coverage of the U.S. Attorneys scandal.  It's not the first time Josh and his site led the national media on a story.

Should Bill Have Stayed Out?
January 27, 2008

  Wise though they may be, I'm not sure I agree with Josh Marshall and Noam on this. Was Bill supposed to recuse himself from a race involving his wife? One that revolves in no small part around his own legacy? Also, Josh suggests that Bill should be less involved because he gives Hillary an unfair advantage--that he has "used his unique power to jam his thumb down on one side of the scale in a way that I think is very difficult for anyone to overcome." Is that really true?

Ignore The Social Security Fix-mongering
November 01, 2007

Josh Marshall raises a great question today about Social Security, one I've wondered about myself for quite a while: If you believe the Social Security trust fund is one big myth, as most conservatives do, why on earth does it make sense to start "saving" Social Security today? After all, the Social Security program will be running surpluses for another decade or so. Those surpluses currently help fund the rest of the government, which, in return, sticks a lot of IOUs in the Social Security trust fund.

In Defense Of Romney, Sort Of
June 07, 2007

Josh Marshall has a take on the GOP field that, atypically, I find to be the complete opposite of mine. He writes, first, that the current field looks "feeble, dispirited and generally languid." Really? Two of the leading candidates, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain, do far better than a generic Republican in trial heats. While polls show that the public strongly prefers a Democratic president in 2008, those two consistently hold their own. That's the definition of a strong candidate, to me. Next Josh writes about his strong aversion to Mitt Romney.

Red Herring
March 29, 2006

Shortly before George W. Bush's second inauguration, The Washington Post sent one of its best reporters into the heart of America to explore the "Red Sea"--that uncharted territory populated with those great unknowns who had recently voted to reelect the president. "[W]e were tired of hearing pundits tell us about 'Red America' and wanted a firsthand look," the paper's explorer declared. Here is what he discovered: "I found ordinary people with various motivations, sundry stories, personal beliefs, custom-made decisions.